How can I dispose of old fire extinguishers?

July 30, 2013 0 Comments

fire extinguisherHow can I dispose of old fire extinguishers? I have lived in my home for more than 35 years, and at least one of them has been here that long.

Fire Chief Joe Henning says extinguishers can be taken to any hazardous materials cleanup site similar to the ones that are hosted in town a couple of times of year. However, they are not accepted at the citywide cleanup usually held in the fall.

Henning says you can keep a fire extinguisher as long as it is serviceable, which means it is showing it’s fully charged and it has been maintained properly. Extinguishers with powder in them should be turned over a few times monthly to ensure that the powder remains loose. The extinguisher also should still have the seal intact, ensuring it has not been used.

“Many of the ‘off the shelf’ extinguishers that are bought at retail stores are meant to be single use, so once they are discharged, they should be disposed of,” Henning said. “When they are empty, they can simply be thrown away.”

Henning said some local companies will provide and maintain extinguishers for residential customers. If you choose to buy from one of these retailers, they will typically take the old extinguisher and dispose of it for you.

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