How much of a problem are counterfeit trash stickers in Quincy?

November 22, 2013 3 Comments


How much of a problem are counterfeit trash stickers in Quincy?

A presentation by Mayor Kyle Moore earlier this week about the future of garbage and recycling pickup in the city noted that one of the problems with the sticker program currently in place is the use of counterfeit stickers.

However, Glenda Hackemack, director of administrative services, said she is not aware of counterfeit stickers being circulated in Quincy.

“We have been told by vendors that it has been an issue in other towns and could easily be occurring in Quincy,” she said. “Now, saying that, it would be very difficult for the city to determine if stickers were counterfeit due to our current waste collection method.”

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  1. beau says:

    So, do you think that you have given people ideas with this column?

  2. dadam says:

    No. I think the report from the city may have given people the idea. It certainly caught the eye of one of our readers who asked the question.

  3. pam says:

    It’s easy to cheat the garbage system. I know several people that would take one sticker and loop it tightly around a large bag in a way that it makes it look like there’s two stickers on it, and uses the very large 60 gallon contractor bags. They end up picking it up anyways.

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