About C-SC’s Travel Study program

Culver-Stockton College is one of only two colleges in the nation to offer a 12/3 semester calendar, which splits the typical 15-week semester into two terms. During the 12-week term, students take three to four classes in a traditional format, which leaves students open to focus on just one class, internship or Travel Study during the three-week term.

Students who take part in Travel Study have the freedom to choose from dozens of domestic or international courses with their professors and entire classes. Travel courses are offered in nearly every discipline: Athletic training students have the opportunity to spend a week at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs; English majors can see where Shakespeare created some of history’s most beloved works of literature; and education majors may experience the world’s best education system in Finland.

Often two divisions pair up and travel together for a multi-disciplinary take on a destination, such as the current government and music courses taking place in Cuba. Other examples of this include the ecology and history trip to Guatemala and the theater and art trip to Europe.

In addition to numerous Travel Study scholarships, the college also offers students up to $1,500 in Experiential Vouchers. With the vouchers, students earn $100 at the start of their first semester, $400 more at the start of the third semester, and then an additional $500 for their fifth and seventh semesters, which can be used to pay for any costs associated with Travel Study.

Both the Travel Study Scholarships and the Experiential Vouchers were made possible by a $2 million anonymous donation to the college.