A Top 10 finish! … Some comments from Megan’s well-wishers

January 13, 2013 0 Comments

Megan got a chance to shine on the Miss America telecast, making a Top 10 finish.

Congratulations to Megan for her Top 10 finish! For a story about the finals, Megan’s journey and reaction of supporters, click here.

The Herald-Whig held a live chat during the pageant and followed the conversation on this blog, and on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of our favorite comments:

Candice Caldwell (Megan’s high school friend) on the live chat: It’s amazing what she has already accomplished. Coming from a small town, we don’t have as many outlets for opportunities like people do in bigger cities. However, Megan has proved that anything is possible no matter where you come from. She is a great role model for kids, her own peers as well as children.

Lindsey Hess, executive director of Miss Quincy Scholarship Program, on the live chat: She met her goal! 🙂

Bobette Cawthon on Twitter: Megan totally owned that stage! She has nothing to be ashamed of! What she achieved is amazing! She is my hero … so proud!

Miss Gem City 2012 Celeste Niemann on the live chat: Megan made it to the Top 10! She surpassed (her) personal goal and I’m so happy for her.I know her family, friends and all of Quincy are proud of her!

Miss Quincy 1978 Cindy Spake on the blog: So proud of your representation of our city! Wow! Great job.

Miss Quincy 2009 Kellea Dietrich Hendrian on the live chat: Megan made IL proud! She should feel proud of her representation of IL and of herself!

Dave Ulrich on the live chat: We are proud of you Megan.

Stacey on the live chat: She rocked it! How awesome!

Kristin on the live chat: Megan just looks like the picture of health!

Leslie on the live chat: Miss IL is stunning.

Cathy O on the blog: All through high school and college, Megan has (shown) her stage presence. I can think of no better stage for her to be on than the Miss America stage! … I’ve never been THIS excited for the Miss America pageant!

Jen Drew on the live chat: We are so proud of Megan. She did great!

Cheyanne Flynn on Facebook: We are all extremely proud of her (no) matter what!

Susie Jones on Facebook: Bummer! Missed the top 5, but so very proud of her for getting to the top ten. Way to go Megan! That’s nothing to sneeze at!

And we were honored to have Mary Lee Inzerello Noonan, Miss Adams County and Miss Illinois 1966, on our live chat. Here are some of her comments during the pageant:

• Interesting to me that Megan’s “strong suit” is the swim suit competition – that was my “strength” too. I also did dance for my talent.

• Megan’s gown is gorgeous and shows her lovely figure and has elegance.

• Megan appears to have a charming and cheerful presence. If that comes through in her interviews, big plus.

• You know these young women are all winners and will have many opportunities as a result of this experience. Having been ‘a loser’ I can attest the many benefits including knowing your own resilience and capacity for work and responsibility. This is the kind of effort that truly depends on the person.

• Tough to have come so far. Megan is very well and deserves applause, applause, applause.

• Quincy will be proud of her for years & years! Megan acquitted herself well in every competition. She obviously is a dynamic young woman. I wish her well in any endeavor she chooses in (the) future. I can tell her that in 40 years, people will remember and know she is beautiful.

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