Megan was living her dream right before our eyes

January 14, 2013 0 Comments

Megan competes on the Miss America stage, clockwise from left: swimsuit, talent, on-stage question and evening gown.

Well, we’ve all packed up and left Vegas.

I think I speak for all of Megan’s fans when I say that Saturday night was a night that we will remember forever. Megan placed in the top 10, which is absolutely amazing. After every cut that Megan made Saturday night – 15, 12 and finally 10 – it really set in that she was living her dream right before our eyes.

(Editor’s Note: For making the top 10, Megan received a $7,000 scholarship. Plus she won a $1,000 scholarship for her preliminary win in the Lifestyle & Fitness, or swimsuit, prelim.)

After the pageant, we went to a reception for Megan and were able to spend some much-needed time with her. Once we got back, I realized that the one thing I admire the most is that throughout this entire journey, Megan is still the same Megan. She has stayed true to herself along the way, and never strayed from her roots and values.

Many of the fans that came to Vegas have followed Megan throughout every pageant she’s ever been in. This close-knit group of supporters have became an extended family. Having such a large following says something about our community and surrounding area. What a support system!

We all left Vegas Sunday on such a positive note. We could not be any prouder of Megan. She has inspired so many, and serves as an example that dreams can come true!

– Mallory Ervin

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