Mid-Week grades for Feb. 18

February 18, 2009 1 Comment

Welcome to the new-look DOBservations. Hopefully, you like what you see. It will take some getting use to for sure.

Anyway, here is this week’s batch of grades. With so much going on, I’ll miss my appointed rounds on WGEM SportsCenter on Wednesday. Listen in around 8:15 as Josh Houchins breaks these down. Remember to listen in every weekday from 7 to 9 a.m. on ESPN 1440, where we’ve got your game.

A—DeKalb High School boys basketball team. The only thing cooler than the Barbs’ name is what they did in a recent game against Milwaukee Madison. The story is quite unbelievable. A Madison player had lost his mother that day to cancer and wasn’t expected to make the day’s game. Instead, he showed up in the second quarter and wanted to play. Because Johntell Franklin’s name wasn’t in the scorebook, Madison would be assessed a technical foul if he played. The DeKalb coaches argued with the officials, saying they didn’t want the technical. The officials had no choice. So DeKalb’s Darius McNeal purposely missed the technical foul shots, shooting the ball a few feet and letting it roll to the officials. Franklin scored 10 points and Madison won the game, but DeKalb didn’t walk away losers by any means.

B — Michelle Wie. She’s back, and a full-fledged member of the LPGA. The teen everyone loves to hate nearly won her first LPGA title last week in her first week as a tour member (she previously played on sponsor’s exemptions). All of the fools who wrote her off earlier in her career will eat some crow. She can play the game.

C — Albert Pujols. So El Hombre wants the Cardinals to show some commitment to building a winner before he signs another long-term deal. Wouldn’t signing Pujols, a two-time National League MVP, be a move in that direction? Look, the Cardinals are never going to spend like the Yankees, Red Sox or Cubs. Yet, the organization has done a pretty good job building a contender without having to empty their wallets. Remember, the Cubs have won as many playoff games as the Cardinals have since the Cardinals won the 2006 World Series title — zero.

D — Jamie Moyer. The ancient Phillies pitcher said this week there was no way for Alex Rodriguez to make the Hall of Fame. The 46-year-old Moyer, who was teammates with Rodriguez in Seattle, also said all of Rodriguez’s statistics were tainted. Like I pointed out in my Sunday GamePlan column last week, it’s way too early to judge Rodriguez’s Hall of Fame credentials right now. The guy likely will play for another decade. Come to think of it, Moyer will probably still be playing then, too.

F — Daytona 500. Or should we make that that Daytona 380? NASCAR’s season debut left every fan I’ve talked to feeling a little empty. Imagine waiting all winter for Opening Day in baseball only to have your favorite team play a 6 1/2-inning game. That’s what it was like for the gearheads last weekend. I don’t think Matt Kenseth’s win is tainted at all. I only wish there were a way for NASCAR to have run the full 500 miles.

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