Slap of the Week — Sept. 3

September 3, 2010 0 Comments

I think that Nyjer Morgan may want to lay off watching the WWE for a while.

The speedy Washington Nationals outfielder has been out of his mind lately. Here’s a look at his latest transgressions:

• He intentionally threw a ball into the stands during a game in Philadelphia last week and hit fan. (Now, had he hit this guy, that would have been OK with everyone. Sadly, an innocent bystander was hurt.)

• Morgan got the Cardinals riled up last weekend when he put a shoulder into backup catcher Brian Anderson for no good reason when scoring a run during Saturday’s game. Washington manager Jim Riggleman, who has spent a long time in the Cardinals’ organization during Tony La Russa’s tenure, felt the need to apologize to the Cardinals before Sunday’s game.

• On Tuesday night, Morgan gathered more heat with his opposition when he barreled into Florida catcher Brett Hayes. Unlike Anderson, Hayes went down and separated his shoulder, drawing the Marlins’ ire.

• Morgan finally got what was coming to him on Wednesday. With the Marlins killing the Nationals early in the game, Chris Volstad put one into Morgan’s ribs. Morgan then went and stole second and third on the Marlins. In his next plate appearance, Volstad zipped a fastball behind Morgan, who decided to rush the mound. He missed landing a blow on Volstad, whose brother plays football at Quincy University, but wound up getting laid out by Florida first baseman Gaby Sanchez. Morgan was thrown out of the game, but left the field like a true pro wrestling bad guy, lifting his arms over his head like he had won and egging on the crowd for more.

What’s next for Morgan? Will he carry in a roll of quarters and knock out the first baseman when he’s not looking? Can he manage to bring a steel chair with him to the plate?

Morgan needs to be put in timeout by MLB for a while until he realizes that this isn’t Monday Night Raw.

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