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August 29, 2014 5 Comments

It’s been a rather news-filled week in the Gem City. The biggest story — and is one that will continue to grab headlines in the weeks and months that follow — was the arrest of Quincy lawyer Curtis Lovelace on first-degree murder charges in connection with the 2006 death of his wife, Cory.

Lovelace’s arrest has been a shock for nearly everyone in town. He is a well-respected member of the community, first earning acclaim as a football star as Quincy High School in the mid 1980s. Lovelace then was a two-time All-Big Ten Conference pick at center and helped the University of Illinois earn a share of the Big Ten championship when he was a senior. He went to law school, became an assistant with the Adams County State’s Attorney’s Office and served on the Quincy School Board for 12 years.

Seeing Lovelace on Thursday afternoon in a jail jumpsuit and his hands in shackles was a bit of a shock to the system. Quincy being Quincy, the rumor mill is spinning with theories about what happened. While the case might make for water cooler fodder, remember that there are people who are directly affected by what has happened.

I feel for the families of all involved. But mostly I hope that the four children of Cory and Curtis Lovelace can find the strength and support to get through what will be an extremely rough patch. Their mother already lost, the kids will now be without a father for at least a while — and quite possibly for the rest of their lives if he is convicted. My oldest son is the same age as one of the Lovelace children. I had an opportunity to coach him and his older brother in baseball and basketball when they were younger in various YMCA leagues. Both were great teammates and good kids. It was a pleasure to coach them.

My son has one of the Lovelace children in two classes this year. On Wednesday night after the news broke, my son asked me if the boy was going to be in class the next day. I told him it wasn’t likely, but that when the boy does show up for class to not treat him any differently and certainly not to bring up what is happening with his family. He said he would do that.

Here’s to hoping that people treat all of those kids right as their family goes through what is going to be a very public airing of their family’s business.

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  1. Chris Kirn says:

    Well stated Don and thanks. I too had the chance to coach their youngest son and you are spot on as he was a great teammate and friend to my son. Thank you for helping put that piece of the unfortunate story into perspective.

  2. Debbie Overfield says:

    Bless you and your children too. Praying for loved ones of this family.

  3. Nikki Neiswinter says:

    Really? The sentiment is great, but the Lovelace family isn’t special. Shouldn’t we treat all people with the same respect?

  4. George & Sue Major says:

    Well-said; please pray for Cory’s family, especially her mother as well.

  5. dobrien says:


    Thanks for your replies. Nikki, all people should be treated with the same type of respect. I agree.


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