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July 22, 2015 1 Comment

Steson CriderAnother high-profile case that originated in Adams County could be moved elsewhere. Lawyers for Steson Crider last week were given permission to access past jury venires from Adams County cases. John Hauk and Tad Brenner, who were assigned to handle’s Crider’s first-degree murder case, are exploring whether to file a motion for a change of venue.

Crider is accused of shooting 12-year-old Ray Humphrey Jr. in the early morning hours of March 28 on Quincy’s northwest side. Crider is being held on $5 million bond. His case is currently on the September jury docket. No motion has been entered.

Last week, a Cass County judge assigned to handle the first-degree murder case of Quincy lawyer Curtis Lovelace denied a change of venue motion made by Lovelace’s attorneys.

Getting a change of venue isn’t easy. I have that process detailed here.

The publicity in Crider’s case has been just as intense — if not more so — than Lovelace’s case. While it doesn’t have the national appeal of Lovelace’s, every hearing involving Crider and his three family members who also have been charged in connection with the case has drawn coverage from TV, radio and well as the Herald-Whig. On the great majority of area court cases, I’m the only one who shows up to document what happens and the electronic media takes what is posted on the Adams County Circuit Clerk’s website for their reports. But the Crider case has touched a nerve with the community and has warranted the coverage.

Will Crider’s case move? It’s tough to say.

Crider’s lawyers have to decide on whether they want to file a motion. Considering how this case has touched every segment of Quincy’s society, it has a better chance of leaving than Lovelace’s did. Many more people are aware of this case and have made up their mind about it. Whether that is enough to move the case, only time — and a judge — will tell.

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