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It’s pretty cool that everyone can share their opinions these days thanks to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Those websites help give people a voice.

When you use that voice, it pays to make sure you’re informed on the issues on which you’re speaking out. My story in Sunday’s Whig on the Quincy Police Department asking the city for more officers generated quite a bit of discussion on social media platforms. One of the things brought out in those discussions was the current seat belt safety checks that QPD is doing. Between now and Labor Day, officers will be stationed at various four-way stops and doing seat belt checks. Funding for those stops comes from the federal government and is distributed by the Illinois Department of Transportation. No local money is used fund that program.

A lot of people complained that if they have officers to check for seat belts, then they should have plenty of people to work the streets. Officers that work that detail are off duty officers who sign up to do the patrols on their own time.

Now if you want to complain about the seat belt checks, that’s one thing. But the seat belt checks and the issue of QPD manpower are two entirely different issues. To speak of them together shows that you aren’t well versed on the topic.

The same thing happened recently with people upset with the city of Quincy spending money to light the Bayview Bridge. The money spent on that — none of which was local tax dollars — was earmarked for that specific project. Many people complained about how that money could have gone toward something more worthwhile in the city. That may be so, but this money was given to the city specifically to light the bridge. To complain about it is just a waste of time.

Feel free to speak your mind on the topics of the day, just make sure you know what you’re talking about.

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