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As I did my morning tour of area media websites, right smack dab in the middle of a photo on a competitor’s website was one of my colleagues. Doug Wilson was covering the Adams County Jail Committee’s meeting on Monday and wound up getting his mug on a competitor’s website.

When I was in sports, this was something I tried to have happen all the time. The best success I ever had came during the 2005 Masters. I covered the Masters from 2003-2007. It is a really laid back atmosphere. Most players were easily available after their rounds either under a big tree behind the clubhouse, which is where I broke down life one one one with Padraig Harrington once, or out in front of the clubhouse.

During the 2005 tourney, rains hit hard on Thursday and Friday. That left a lot of downtime for the players. I always used the move of standing behind the players left shoulder when they were swarmed by the media. I did this for two reasons: First, so I could hear (I am totally deaf in my left ear) and to get on TV. It worked like a charm on both parts. I remember getting texts from friends late on Thursday night telling me that I was on national TV. I was in my spot when Jerry Kelly (or at least I think it was Kelly or some other mid-card performer like him) was met by the media throng outside the clubhouse. I was on national TV for a good minute or two, jotting down notes about whatever he had to say.

When I closer to home and covering local events, I would put myself in spots where I could get a little face time. It worked sometimes. It was a little game that only one person in the world cared about — me. I had fun entertaining myself.

Doug wasn’t as excited about being in the photo as I was excited for him. Oh, well.

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