Chelsea Edmondson

Jersey #: 55

Height: 5’9

Position: Forward

High School: Clark County

College: Culver-Stockton College

Q&A with…

1.  Favorite high school basketball memory… My favorite basketball memory is during a pregame when Coach K told me that I better be stuck to my opponent like gum the whole night and after the game I better be able to tell her what flavor they were chewing. Also playing Coach Hunziker.

2.  My pregame music list must include… I Made It (Kevin Rudolf), Heart of a Champion (Nelly), Remember the Name (Fort Minor), I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)

3.  My favorite subject… Science

4.  My favorite teacher… Mrs. Ella Wirsig

5.  The place I hated to play in high school was… Palmyra

6.  I’d fill out my fantasy Gus Macker 3-on-3 team with me (and which three players – can be pros, college, players, buddies, whoever)… Maya Moore (UConn), Danielle Adams (Texas A&M), Courtney Shuman (QU)

7.  Facebook or Twitter? How many friends/followers do you have… Facebook. 525 friends.

8.  Do you believe college student-athletes should be paid? No

9.  Should there be a shot clock in high school basketball?  Why? No, because then it pressures you to run plays, etc. and it would fluster the players who are still learning.

10. Illinois has four classes for basketball and Missouri has five for the state playoffs. Is that too many, just right or not enough? Why do you think that? It’s just right because it doesn’t spread it out so there is no competition, but it still gives small schools a shot.

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