Friday night rewind Week 9

October 26, 2013 1 Comment

Top rushers
Austin Kramberg, Central, 186 yards
Brody Moubry, Knox County, 169 yards
Lane Rule, Louisiana, 159 yards
Caleb Kizer, Palmyra, 149 yards
Josh Hultz, Palmyra, 146 yards
Trace Windsor, South Shelby, 142 yards
Leighton Johnson, Illini West, 124 yards
Malique Robbins, Quincy High School, 111 yards
Isaac Whitaker, Pittsfield, 110 yards
Brady Long, Brown County, 107 yards
Bobby Keltz, Central, 107 yards
Trevor Hennen, Central, 107 yards
Mitch Nichols, Hannibal, 94 yards
Daylin Anders, Quincy Notre Dame, 90 yards

Top passers
Joe McCaughey, Quincy Notre Dame, 247 yards

Playoff picture
Unity-Payson lost a road game to North Greene 39-0 that eliminated the Mustangs from the playoff picture. It was a good run for the U-P, which had won four straight before finishing 4-5 on the season.

Illini West hung on for a 28-27 over Pittsfield to qualify for its 23 consecutive postseason win.

Making their statement
The Quincy High School football team made its case for a home playoff game with a 46-6 win over Peoria Richwoods. The Blue Devils haven’t had a home playoff game since 1986.

They said it

“The start didn’t help us much. All night, we made too many penalties. Our heads weren’t in the game. We didn’t play with much focus.”

— Unity senior Alex Blickhan

“It definitely turns things around. It was pretty good timing. It gave us motivation to keep going.”

— Central’s Michael Houston

“To have that home-field advantage in a playoff game I think would really help. We feel better at home. I feel more comfortable, and I think we have a chance to win a playoff game.”

— QHS senior defensive back Wes Creasy

“That was good for us. It was a good challenge. It’s something that gets us going in the right direction. Our schedule hadn’t been that challenging so far. We needed something to get us moving in the right direction for the playoffs.”

— QND senior linebacker Logan Schutte

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  1. Rick Wehling says:

    What was the score of the Brown County High School Football game last week?

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