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I have to admit that when I was fine-tuning the numbers that follow, I was a bit surprised by all of the different drivers who have led feature laps this season.

I would imagine I’m like more than a few of you. It seems like modified standout Michael Long leads every lap of every main event in every class. And if it’s not him, it’s late model legend Mark Burgtorf.

But the numbers show us the wealth has been spread around more than might be imagined. And that’s a good thing.

The most important things to me are:

• 32 different drivers have led a feature during the weekly Sunday night shows, which is close 50 percent of the drivers who frequent the track on a weekly basis.

• 11 different drivers have led at least 20 laps, which is outstanding when you consider there has only been six weeks of Sunday night racing.

On the other hand:

• Long has led 85 of 125 modified feature laps, including 85 of the past 100.

Weekly Sunday shows only

Late Models
Mark Burgtorf, 58 laps
Robby Warner, 30
Jason Frankel, 26
Terry Gallaher, 20
Keith Pratt, 10
Kevin Tomlinson, 4
Dustin Griffin, 1
Jason Perry, 1

Michael Long, 85 laps
Dave Wietholder, 24
Jeff Waterman, 4
Jared Schlipman, 4
Joe Bliven, 3
Bob Woodrow, 3
Robbie Reed, 1
Ronnie Woods, 1

Stock Cars
Jeff Mueller, 21
Jake Wenig, 21
John Oliver Jr., 19
Chris Wibbell, 18
Dave Wietholder, 10
Doug Huls, 9
Levi Long, 5
Chris Webb, 4
Steve Steinkuhler, 2
Bruce Hatfield, 1

Hobby Stocks

Steve Carlin, 29
Bobby Anders, 22
Aaron Brocksieck, 20
Jim Powell, 13
James Lefffew, 6
Travis Booher, 5

Jason Perry is the only late model driver
to complete every lap of every feature.

The following numbers show the total number of feature laps completed. Here are some of the oddities:

• Jason Perry is the only late model driver to complete every lap (150) of every feature. Burgtorf is 120-for-120, but missed one week.

• Long is the only modified driver to stay on the leap of all 125 main event laps this season.

• The Reed that is second in the modified listing is Todd, not former track champ Robbie, who missed two weeks following a kidney operation.

• Chris Wibbell is the only stock car driver with a perfect mark, completing all 110 laps.

• Bobby Anders is the lone hobby stocker to run all 95 laps in what has been an attrition-dominated division. Only nine drivers in this series have completed more than 50 percent of the feature laps.

Weekly Sunday shows only

Late Models
Jason Perry, 150 laps
Robby Warner, 149
Ron Elbe, 130
Dustin Neese, 127
Lonnie Bailey, 127
Jerry Weisenberger. 125
Terry Gallaher, 123
Jason Frankel, 120
Justin Reed, 120
Joey Gower, 120
Bill Genenbacher, 120
Keith Pratt, 120
Denny Woodworth, 120
Mark Burgtorf, 120
Dustin Griffin, 101
Kevin Tomlinson, 100

Michael Long, 125
Todd Reed, 122
Steven DeLonjay, 117
Shawn Deering, 107
Joe Bliven, 108
Brandon Lennox, 102
Dave Wietholder, 100
Rob Carter, 100
Travis Griffith. 99
Wyatt Lantz, 95

Stock Cars
Chris Wibbell, 110 laps
Marty Hull Jr., 108
Bruce Hatfield, 107
Chris Webb, 102
Dave Wietholder, 96
Jeff Mueller, 95
John Oliver Jr., 92
Steve Steinkuhler, 90
Abe Huls, 85
Doug Huls, 75

Hobby Stocks
Bobby Anders, 95
Wes Mayfield, 91
Steve Carlin, 89
Aaron Brocksieck, 87
James Leffew, 72
Jeremy Buss, 68
Jim Powell, 67
Nathan Anders, 58
Chad Cannady, 49
Travis Booher, 40
Steve Watkins Jr., 40


Late models will run for the second time this season Friday night at Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Iowa. The two most recent Deery Brothers Summer Series tour winners — Justin Reed and Tom Darbyshire — are expected to be in attendance. Reed and Darbyshire sit in a tie for second behind points leader Jason Frankel.

Reed earned his first career Deery Series checkered flag in Allison, Iowa, on May 21, while 2007 track champion Darbyshire took both the checkered flag and the series points lead at Boone, Iowa, Speedway on Memorial Day. Last time out at Donnellson, nobody was able to handle Frankel, who led every lap of a caution-free 25-lap feature.

The draw/redraw event will pay
$800 to win.

Grandstand general admission is $10 for adults, $9 for seniors and $7 for students 11-17. Kids 10 and under are free.

Race time is 7:30.

Also in the lineup are IMCA modifieds, sportmods, hobby stocks and wild things.


Donnellson, Iowa

1. Jason Frankel, 43 points
2-tie. Tom Darbyshire, 40
2-tie. Justin Reed, 40
4. Matt Bailey, 39
5. Denny Woodworth, 38
6. Lonnie Bailey, 37
7. Matt Strassheim, 36
8. Terry Gallaher, 34
9. Robby Warner, 32
10. Jay Johnson, 32

West Burlington, Iowa

1. Jason Frankel, 115 points
2. Tom Bowling, 111
3. Lonnie Bailey, 110
4. Boone McLaughlin, 104
5. Jay Johnson, 100
6. Matt Ryan, 98
7. Tom Goble, 94
8. Keith Pratt, 91
9-tie. Matt Strassheim, 89
9-tie. Stephen Kammerer, 89


1. Steve Francis, 1,449 points)
2-tie. Chub Frank, 1,443
2-tie. Darrell Lanigan, 1,443
4. Josh Richards, 1,439
5. Rick Eckert, 1,415
6. Shannon Babb, 1,413

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