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At this point of the season, modified ace Michael Long looks to be the only driver with a chance to break any of the track’s major records.

Long’s 25 victories are 11 shy of his landmark 2007 season when he won 36, which is a record for both modifieds and all series. He has as many as eight Sunday nights of racing remaining, five for points and three others at the end of the schedule.

In addition, Long has a shot at the 16-feature victory mark, also a high for both modifieds and all series, that he established a year ago. The 26-year-old defending modified champion would have to win five more to reach that figure and six to break. Is it a possibility? Well, he’s won 11 of the 14 main events he’s raced in so far this year at 8000 Broadway.


Late Models

Total wins: Mark Burgtorf, 28, 2006
Current leader: Mark Burgtorf, 14

Feature wins: Mark Burgtorf, 13, 2006
Current leader: Mark Burgtorf, 6

Heat wins: Mark Burgtorf, 10, 2006
Current leader: Mark Burgtorf, 5

Dash wins: Mark Burgtorf, 8, 2007
Current leader: Mark Burgtorf, 3

Track points: Mark Burgtorf, 687, 2007 (17 points weeks)
Current leader: Jason Frankel,, 363 (10 points weeks)


Total wins: Michael Long, 36, 2007
Current leader: Michael Long, 25

Feature wins: Michael Long, 16, 2007

Current leader: Michael Long, 11

Heat wins: Hank DeLonjay, 17, 2006

Current leader: Michael Long, 9

Dash wins: Michael Long, 7, 2007

Current leader: Michael Long, 5

Track points: Wyatt Lantz, 836, 2005 (20 points weeks)
Current leaders: Steven DeLonjay, 374 (10 points weeks)

Stock cars

Current leaders
(first year for the series)

Total wins: Jeff Mueller, 9
Feature wins: Jeff Mueller, 5
Heat wins: John Oliver Jr. 6
Track points: Chris Wibbell, 439 (12 points weeks)

Hobby Stocks

Total wins: Steve Carlin, 23, 2007
Current leader: James Leffew, 8

Feature wins: Steve Carlin, 12, 2007

Current leader: James Leffew, 3; Aaron Brocksieck, 3

Heat wins: Eddie Dieker, 14, 2005

Current leader: James Leffew, 5; Steve Carlin, 5

Track points: Eddie Dieker, 799, 2005 (21 points weeks)
Current leaders: Aaron Brocksieck, 387 (10 points weeks)


Race time: 6:30 p.m.

Weather forecast: Possible thunderstorms. Well, that’s just great.


Late Models: Can we talk? To be perfectly honest, there is only one driver that can withstand a "mulligan" at this point of the season — Jason Frankel and his 21-point lead. If any of his closest pursuers– Justin Reed, Lonnie Bailey, Mark Burgtorf — falters this evening or in any of the other four remaining points nights they are toast. It’s that time of the season, and it’s that simple … How close is Frankel to winning his first track title? If he averages 39 points (out of a possible 43) each of the remaining nights the title is his, and that’s if Reed, his closest challenger, maxes out at 43 points each Sunday night the rest of the way … Surprisingly, only one late model points championship since the track opened in 1975 has been decided by fewer than 12 points. That was in 2004 when Lonnie Bailey edged the late Brent Slocum by four points.

Most recent feature winner: Jason Frankel, July 20.

Pick to click:
Mark Burgtorf.

Modifieds: Barring some bizarre crashfests or unexpected mechanical issues, the race for the modified championship has been reduced to three drivers — Steven DeLonjay, Michael Long and Tony Dunker, who are bunched within five points of one another. And don’t think 16-year-old DeLonjay is going to roll over for the veteran Long. They each have the same amount of top-five finishes and DeLonjay actually has one more top 10 to his credit than Long … The wild card is Dunker, who has won more track titles (2) than either Long (1) and DeLonjay (0) combined, although DeLonjay has a pair of hornet championships to his credit … Remarkably, if DeLonjay can hang on and win the title he would have three track championships to his credit before he graduates high school. Only seven drivers have won three or more track titles in the 34-year history of the Broadway Bullring … Only four modified drivers — DeLonjay, Dunker, Dave Wietholder and Shawn Deering — have been to every race this season.

Most recent feature winner: Michael Long, July 20.

Pick to click: Michael Long.

Stock Cars: Much has been made of points leader Chris Wibbell’s perfect 280-for-280 performance in feature laps, but what might have been overlooked about the Dallas City driver is his 12-for-12 showing in top-10 finishes. He’s one of only three drivers in any series to finish in the top 10 of every feature. Hobby stockers Aaron Brocksieck and Steve Carlin are the others … An interesting non-championship points race is between Carthage cousins Abe and Doug Huls. Abe leads Doug 397-391. Abe might also be playing the "what if" game — what if he hadn’t missed one points week. Add another 35 (or more) points on Abe’s season figure and he is right in the thick of the title hunt with Wibbell, Jeff Mueller and John Oliver Jr. … Travis Griffith (8th) and Todd Reed (10th) are trying for their first-ever top-10 points finish … Joe Hooper is seeking his first top-10 points showing since 2005 and only his second since 2001.

Most recent feature winner: Jeff Mueller, July 20.

Pick to click: Jeff Mueller. He’s on a roll.

Hobby Stocks: There will be quite a turnover in top-10 drivers in this division by the end of the season. At least five new hotshoes will finish in the final top 10 in points, with Wes Mayfield (2nd), James Leffew (4th) and Jim Powell (5th) currently the top three new faces … Preseason favorite Steve Carlin has yet to rattle off one of his impressive win streaks and is currently fourth in second-half points (148) behind Leffew (168), Aaron Brocksieck (160) and Mayfield (152). Carlin totaled more second-half points (359) in 2007 than any driver in this division. Brocksieck had 351. Carlin had 23 victories a year ago, but has been limited to six this season … No series driver has won more than three features and it’s likely the eventual leader will wind up with fewer than six for only the second time in the past 10 years.

Most recent feature winner: Jim Powell, July 20.

Pick to click: James Leffew.


Late Models

Active consecutive top 5 points finishes

Mark Burgtorf, 5 years
Jerry Weisenberger, 3
Justin Reed, 1
Lonnie Bailey, 1
Terry Gallaher, 1

All-time consecutive top 5 points finishes

Terry Gallaher, 21 years
Steve Fraise, 13
Mark Burgtorf, 11
Sonny Findling, 7
Dick Crane, 6

Active consecutive top 10 points finishes

Mark Burgtorf, 23 years
Lonnie Bailey, 7
Jerry Weisenberger, 3
Kevin Tomlinson, 3
Terry Gallaher, 1
Justin Reed, 1
Ron Elbe, 1
Dustin Neese, 1
Jason Perry, 1
Keith Pratt, 1

All-time consecutive top 10 points finishes

Mark Burgtorf, 23 years (active)
Terry Gallaher, 21
Steve Fraise, 16
Dick Crane, 15
Tom Long, 13
Denny Woodworth, 12
Mark Holtmeyer, 9


Active consecutive top 5 points finishes

Tony Dunker, 7 years
Robbie Reed, 3
Dave Wietholder, 3
Michael Long, 1

All-time consecutive top 5 points finishes

Hank DeLonjay, 11 years
Tony Dunker, 7 (active)
Sam Burgtorf, 7
Hank DeLonjay, 6
Bob Dale , 6

Active consecutive top 10 points finishes

Tony Dunker, 8 years
Dave Wietholder, 4
Robbie Reed, 3
Jeff Waterman, 3
Shawn Deering, 2
Michael Long, 1
Rob Carter, 1
Joe Bliven, 1

All-time consecutive top 10 points finishes

Hank DeLonjay, 11 years
Tony Dunker, 8 (active)
Hank DeLonjay, 8
Sam Burgtorf, 7
Michael Long, 6
Mark Van Winkle, 6
Lonnie Carter, 6
Bob Dale, 6

Hobby Stocks

Active consecutive top 5 points finishes

Steve Carlin, 5 years
Aaron Brocksieck, 1

All-time consecutive top 5 points finishes

Eddie Dieker, 8 years
Bill Genenbacher, 7
Steve Carlin, 5 (active)
Junior Tuggle, 5
Bill Genenbacher, 5

Active consecutive top 10 points finishes

Steve Carlin, 5 years
Travis Booher, 5
Aaron Brocksieck, 2
Bobby Anders, 1
Mike Wiley, 1
Michael Lay, 1

All-time top consecutive 10 points finishes

Eddie Dieker, 9 years
Brent Chapman, 8
Bill Genenbacher, 7
Bob Hightower, 7
Harold Ketchum, 6
Bruce Hatfield, 6


Track Points

Late Models: Jason Frankel 363, Justin Reed 342, Lonnie Bailey 339, Mark Burgtorf 338.
Modifieds: Steven DeLonjay 374,  Michael Long 370, Tony Dunker 369, Dave Wietholder 352.
Stock Cars: Chris Wibbell 439, Jeff Mueller 432, John Oliver Jr. 430, Steve Steinkuhler 407.
Hobby Stocks: Aaron Brocksieck 387, Wes Mayfield 376, Steve Carlin 373, James Leffew 360.

Second-Half Points

Late Models: Mark Burgtorf 161, Jason Frankel 155, Justin Reed 140, Lonnie Bailey 139.
Modifieds: Steven DeLonjay 149, Shawn Deering 144, Dave Wietholder 140, Tony Dunker 140.
Stock Cars: Jeff Mueller 148, Chris Wibbell 144, Abe Huls 142, Dave Wietholder 140.
Hobby Stocks: Jim Leffew 168, Aaron Brocksieck 160, Wes Mayfield 152, Steve Carlin 148.

Feature Points

Late Models: Jason Frankel 354, Justin Reed 335, Mark Burgtorf 327, Lonnie Bailey 326.
Modifieds: Steven DeLonjay 360, Tony Dunker 359, Michael Long 346, Dave Wietholder 337.
Stock Cars: Chris Wibbell 439, Jeff Mueller 432, John Oliver Jr. 430.
Hobby Stocks: Aaron Brocksieck 371, Wes Mayfield 364, Steve Carlin 351. 

Heat Points

Late Models: Matt Bailey 16, Lonnie Bailey 13, Jerry Weisenberger 12.
Modifieds: Michael Long 24, Dave Wietholder 15, Steven DeLonjay 14.
Hobby Stocks: Steve Carlin 22, James Leffew 20, Aaron Brocksieck 16.

Herald-Whig Performance Points

Late Models: Mark Burgtorf 144, Jason Frankel 85, Denny Woodworth 79, Kevin Tomlinson 49.
Modifieds: Michael Long 201, Daved Wietholder 78, Steven DeLonjay 73, Robbie Reed 63.
Stock Cars: Jeff Mueller 102, John Oliver Jr. 92, Dave Wietholder 64, Abe Huls 61.
Hobby Stocks: James Leffew 109, Aaron Brocksieck 101, Jim Powell 91.

Money Earned (Points races only)

Late Models: Jason Frankel $5,445, Mark Burgtorf
$5,075, Justin Reed $3,115, Lonnie Bailey $2,705, Kevin Tomlinson $2,630. (Terry Neal has $3,100
from the recent Titan Wheel Shootout, but he is
not a track regular.)
Modifieds: Michael Long $3,530, Tony Dunker $2,130, Steven DeLonjay $2,050, Dave Wietholder $1,990.
Stock Cars: Jeff Mueller $3,375, John Oliver Jr, $2,785, Abe Huls $2,640, Chris Wibbell $2,435.
Hobby Stocks: James Leffew $1,100, Aaron Brocksieck $1,085, Jim Powell $895, Travis Booher $870.


This weekend is the 15th annual Brickyard 400 event at Indianapolis
Motor Speedway. Using statistical force, here are the best and worst
choices for the weekend:

The Obvious:

Jeff Gordon
– Jeffy is one of five drivers who have competed in all 14 previous
Brickyard races. He has won four times and racked up 11 top-10
finishes. It’s safe to say, home is where the heart is.

The Choice:

Tony Stewart
– Smoke has competed in the last nine Brickyard races, spending two of
the last three in victory lane. His worst finish is 17th and his
average is 7.6. Not bad.

Kevin Harvick – One victory, five top-10 runs in seven starts with an average finish of 7.7.

Kyle Busch – A. It’s Kyle Busch. B. He has a top 10 finish in all three starts at the Brick.

The Risky:

Mark Martin
– Another member of the "I’ve raced in all 14" group but Martin hasn’t
had much of a season so far (a high finish of 3rd at Richmond). His
Indy resume is superb, nine top-10 and five top-five finishes but he is
still a risk.

Dark Horses:

Juan Pablo Montoya
– I’m aware he has only one start, but it was a second-place finish! He
also has experience here in the U.S. Grand Prix and Indy 500 races.

Stay Away:

Bill Elliott
– He is one of five drivers to compete in all 14 races, including a
victory, but it is 2008 and stroking around the track the last few
years doesn’t make one a threat anymore.

Bobby Labonte
– He too has raced in all 14 past Brickyard 400s but has not finished
higher than 11th since his win in 2000. Petty Enterprises isn’t exactly
Joe Gibbs Racing right now.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Cup Facts

Most Wins – Jeff Gordon (4)
Most Laps Led – Jeff Gordon (433)
Most Laps Completed – Bill Elliott (2,239)
Most Top 10 Finishes – Jeff Gordon (11)
Most Top 5 Finishes – Jeff Gordon (8)
Most Poles – Jeff Gordon (3)

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