Dunker cops fifth ‘ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man’ Award

April 21, 2009 1 Comment

zztop4Maybe this acknowledgement should simply be renamed the “Tony Dunker Sharp Dressed Man Award.” After all, no other local driver has come close to Dunker’s dominance in putting a good-looking hot rod on the track.


Tony Dunker

For the second time in three years and fifth since 2002, Dunker has earned a best-looking modified award. This year’s black and green with a splash of white is eye-catching and, as usual, there is never any doubt what car is Dunker’s when he is on the track.

This season’s other “ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man Award” winners are first-timers Robby Warner in the late models, Kevin Tomlinson in stock cars and Adam Scott in hobby stocks.

Warner, too, adopted a green-black-white body that has a huge No. 79 on the sides, making it easy for scorers and fans alike to always pick out his car.

Tomlinson, a long-time late model driver, made the switch to stock cars and made it with a great looking No. 49. He also went for a bold number, coupled with a neatly packaged flourescent look.

The stock cars were the toughest choice to select. It came down to Tomlinson and Terry Houston (No. 97), whose silver car at least deserves a tip o’ the hat. It’s a sharp-looking ride.

Scott’s orange-and-blue hobby stock was an obvious pick — a big, easy-to-read blue No. 93 is offset by a mostly orange body with blue trim. All too often in this class, the car bodies are lacking appearance-wise, but this one is first class all the way.

In the Most Improved Look category, this year’s winners were Dustin Griffin in late models, Wyatt Lantz in modifieds, John Oliver Jr. in stock cars and Nathan Anders in hobby stocks.



2009: Robby Warner
2008: Jason Frankel
2007: Lonnie Bailey
2006: Terry Gallaher
2005: Mike Dyche
2004: Brent Slocum
2003: Jamie Wilson
2002: Jamie Wilson
2001: Denny Woodworth
2000: Mark Burgtorf
1999: Terry Gallaher


2009: Tony Dunker
2008: Jared Schlipman
2007: Tony Dunker
2006: Shawn Deering

“A” Modifieds
2005: Ted Allen
2004: Robby Warner
2003: Michael Long
2002: Steve Grotz
2001: Ryan Meyer
2000: Bob Dale
1999: Steve McCarley

2005: Tony Dunker
2004: Wyatt Lantz
2003: Tony Dunker
2002: Tony Dunker
2001: Joe Hooper
2000: Rob Carter
1999: Greg Uppinghouse


2009: Adam Scott
2008: Bobby Anders
2007: Todd Reichert
2006: Michael Larsen
2005: Todd Reichert
2004: Jim Powell
2003: Jim Powell
2002: Brent Chapman
2001: Eddie Dieker
2000: Eddie Dieker
1999: Rick Coats


2009: Kevin Tomlinson
2008: Jeff Mueller



2009: Dustin Griffin
2008: Dustin Neese
2007: Bill Genenbacher
2006: Justin Reed
2005: Terry Gallaher
2004: Terry Schlipman
2003: Mike Dyche
2002: Keith Pratt
2001: Joey Gower


2009: Wyatt Lantz
2008: Frankie Wellman
2007: Shawn Deering
2006: Brandon Lennox

“A” Modifieds
2005: Jim Powell
2004: Danny Lake
2003: Tim Warning
2002: Brandon Brown
2001: Les Harding

“B” Modifieds
2005: Wes Mayfield
2004: Wes Mayfield
2003: Rob Carter
2002: Bill Baker
2001: Rob Carter


2009: Nathan Anders
2008: Mike Wiley
2007: Bruce Hatfield
2006: Aaron Brocksieck
2005: Steve Carlin
2004: Steve Carlin
2003: Brian Kenning
2002: Richie Wagy
2001: Brent Chapman


2009: John Oliver Jr.


Jamie Wilson’s 2002 late model with the silver, green and black color scheme remains the best of them all. Wilson always had a great knack for putting together a great look.

Runner-up would be Mark Burgtorf’s 2000 blue late model, which was used sparingly in Quincy. Burgtorf’s rides always possess a traditional look, subtle yet commanding. The blue car stood out so much because all of Burgtorf’s other cars in the 11-year history of this award had been red until this year’s white model.

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  1. PAT "SKIPPY" DUNKER says:

    of course i have a biased opinion but , good call STEVIE on the ZZ TOP cars ! ! !
    not many people realize how much goes into making those cars look like they do. EVERY ONE OF THOSE GUYS work their asses off all winter long to come up with something “eye catching ” …. along with tearing down & re-building the car , chasing sponsors , PLUS their “normal” job .
    dont forget adding in the factor of trying to keep ’em that way racing in QUINCY ! ! ! ! ! !

    TEAM 4 ! ! !

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