Mayfield was Sunday’s hardest charger

June 22, 2009 1 Comment

Here’s the weekly update concerning which drivers have improved their starting positions the most in feature races, plus the latest Improvement Points standings.

Wes Mayfield was Sunday night’s hard charger, climbing from a 16th starting spot in the hobby stock main event and eventually finishing fifth.

The top individual performance to date has been turned by modified driver Wyatt Lantz, who moved up 15 positions in winning the June 14 feature.

Here’s a few oddities to ponder:

— When Jason Frankel won Sunday’s late model feature from the fifth starting spot that was the deepest any winner had started in that series. Six of the 10 late model winners have started in the front row.

— Only one modified and two stock car feature winners have started on the front row — Robbie Reed  (modifieds) on May 3,  Terry Houston (stock cars) on May 24 and Steve Steinkuhler (stock cars) on June 21.

— No hobby stock winner has started from the front row since April 23 (Jim Powell).

Late models:
Bold face indicates season high
April 12: Keith Pratt, 7 positions (finished 7th)
April 23: Jason Frankel, 12 (finished 3rd) DEERY BROTHERS FEATURE
April 26: Justin Reed, 6 (finished 4th)
May 3: Keith Pratt, 3 (finished 9th), Bill Genenabcher, 3 (finished 4th)
May 10: Lonnie Bailey, 6 (finished 2nd)
May 17: Justin Reed, 7 (finished 3rd)
May 24: Justin Reed, 8 (finished 2nd)
May 31: Denny Woodworth, 7 (finished 3rd)
June 14: Justin Reed, 10 (finished 2nd) POINTS FEATURE
June 21: Bill Genenbacher, 7 (finished 8th)

Improvement Points
Justin Reed, 54
Lonnie Bailey, 44
Jason Frankel, 24
Bill Genenabcher, 23
Keith Pratt, 21
Mark Burgtorf, 18
Robby Warner, 15
Denny Woodworth, 15
Ron Elbe, 12
Jerry Weisenberger, 9

Bold face indicates season high
April 12: Steven DeLonjay, 6 (finished 6th), Wyatt Lantz, 6 (finished 2nd)
April 26: Michael Long, 9 (finished 1st)
May 3: Shawn Deering, 9 (finished 7th), Dean Vickers, 8 (finished 9th)
May 10: Michael Long, 9 (finished 1st)
May 17: Vance Wilson, 14 (finished 3rd)
May 31: Dave Wietholder, 9 (finished 5th)
June 14: Wyatt Lantz, 15 (finished 1st)
June 21: Steven DeLonjay, 7 (finished 5th)

Improvement Points
Steven DeLonjay, 39
Vance Wilson, 30
Dave Wietholder, 27
Michael Long, 23
Justin Reed, 27
Trent Grotz, 23
Wyatt Lantz, 23
Richard Vander Maiden, 25
Donovan Lodge, 22
Jason Daggs, 17

Stock cars
Bold face indicates season high
April 12: Jeff Mueller, 7 (finished 1st)
April 23: Jeff Mueller, 8 (finished 6th)
April 26: Abe Huls, 7 (finished 4th)
May 3: Chris Wibbell, 7 (finished 3rd), Sarah Woodhurst, 7 (finished 6th)
May 10: Kevin Tomlinson, 8 (finished 2nd), Doug Huls, 8 (finished 4th)
May 17: Joe Gerdes, 7 (finished 6th)
May 24: Bobby Anders, 8 (finished 6th)
May 31: Andrew Griffin, 11 (finished 5th)
June 14: Andrew Griffin, 9 (finished 4th)
June 21: Abe Huls, 8 (finished 2nd)

Improvement Points
Abe Huls, 46
Kevin Tomlinson, 40
Doug Huls, 32
Chris Wibbell, 31
Andrew Griffin, 29
Jeff Mueller, 20
Michael Larsen, 16
Aaron Brocksieck, 13
Bobby Anders, 12
Sarah Woodhurst, 11

Hobby stocks
Bold face indicates season high
April 12: Wes Mayfield, 6 (finished 3rd)
April 23: James Leffew, 8 (finished 2nd), Travis Booher, 8 (finished 8th)
April 26: Tanner Klingele, 5 (finished 8th)
May 3: Jim Powell, 7 (finished 1st)
May 10: Travis Booher, 11 (finished 4th)
May 17: Larry W. Powell, 10 (finished 4th)
May 24: Larry W. Powell, 8 (finished 6th), Matt Burgtorf, 8 (finished 7th)
May 31: Jake Powers, 8 (finished 7th)
June 14: Andrew Griffin, 6 (finished 5th), Jim Powell, 6 (finished 9th)
June 21: Wes Mayfield, 11 (finished 5th)

Improvement Points
Wes Mayfield, 40
Jim Powell, 33
Travis Booher, 30
Steve Carlin, 29
Larry W. Powell, 25
Andrew Griffin, 24
Jake Powers, 24
James Leffew, 23
Nathan Hayes, 19
Adam Scott, 12

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  1. BUZZ 09 says:

    You know after all the bad luck SAM (LARRY POWELL) has had he is doin real good cause he hasnt raced a full season in about 7 years and in the first year back we are in the top 10 after missin one race and havin a blown engine the first week back. But thanks to WILEY COYOTE (MIKE WILEY) he loaned us a motor and the second week WE won the FEATURE and we also won the heat race. You know i have got to say that is IMPROVIN AWHOLE LOT!!!! But also i have to give it to Justin Bartz he is also improvin awhole lot!!!

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