That 16th to 1st effort by Lantz is season’s best

June 15, 2009 4 Comments

Here’s a look at which drivers have improved their starting positions the most in each feature this season, plus the latest Improvement Points standings. The top individual performance to date has been turned by modified driver Wyatt Lantz, who moved up 15 positions Sunday night to win his first feature of the year at the Bullring:

Late models:
Bold face indicates season high
April 12: Keith Pratt, 7 positions (finished 7th)
April 23: Jason Frankel, 12 (finished 3rd) DEERY BROTHERS FEATURE
April 26: Justin Reed, 6 (finished 4th)
May 3: Keith Pratt, 3 (finished 9th), Bill Genenabcher, 3 (finished 4th)
May 10: Lonnie Bailey, 6 (finished 2nd)
May 17: Justin Reed, 7 (finished 3rd)
May 24: Justin Reed, 8 (finished 2nd) POINTS FEATURE
May 31: Denny Woodworth, 7 (finished 3rd)
June 14: Justin Reed, 10 (finished 2nd)

Improvement Points
Justin Reed, 49
Lonnie Bailey, 42
Jason Frankel, 20
Keith Pratt, 19
Bill Genenabcher, 16
Robby Warner, 15
Denny Woodworth, 15
Mark Burgtorf, 13
Ron Elbe, 10

Bold face indicates season high
April 12: Steven DeLonjay, 6 (finished 6th), Wyatt Lantz, 6 (finished 2nd)
April 26: Michael Long, 9 (finished 1st)
May 3: Shawn Deering, 9 (finished 7th), Dean Vickers, 8 (finished 9th)
May 10: Michael Long, 9 (finished 1st)
May 17: Vance Wilson, 14 (finished 3rd)
May 31: Dave Wietholder, 9 (finished 5th)
June 14: Wyatt Lantz, 15 (finished 1st)

Improvement Points
Steven DeLonjay, 32
Vance Wilson, 30
Dave Wietholder, 27
Michael Long, 23
Justin Reed, 22
Trent Grotz, 22
Wyatt Lantz, 21
Richard Vander Maiden, 19
Donovan Lodge, 18

Stock cars:
Bold face indicates season high
April 12: Jeff Mueller, 7 (finished 1st)
April 23: Jeff Mueller, 8 (finished 6th)
April 26: Abe Huls, 7 (finished 4th)
May 3: Chris Wibbell, 7 (finished 3rd), Sarah Woodhurst, 7 (finished 6th)
May 10: Kevin Tomlinson, 8 (finished 2nd), Doug Huls, 8 (finished 4th)
May 17: Joe Gerdes, 7 (finished 6th)
May 24: Bobby Anders, 8 (finished 6th)
May 31: Andrew Griffin, 11 (finished 5th)
June 14: Andrew Griffin, 9 (finished 4th)

Improvement Points
Abe Huls, 38
Kevin Tomlinson, 36
Chris Wibbell, 31
Doug Huls, 31
Andrew Griffin, 23
Jeff Mueller, 20
Michael Larsen, 16
Bobby Anders, 12
Sarah Woodhurst, 11
Joe Gerdes, 10

Hobby stocks:
Bold face indicates season high
April 12: Wes Mayfield, 6 (finished 3rd)
April 23: James Leffew, 8 (finished 2nd), Travis Booher, 8 (finished 8th)
April 26: Tanner Klingele, 5 (finished 8th)
May 3: Jim Powell, 7 (finished 1st)
May 10: Travis Booher, 11 (finished 4th)
May 17: Larry W. Powell, 10 (finished 4th)
May 24: Larry W. Powell, 8 (finished 6th), Matt Burgtorf, 8 (finished 7th)
May 31: Jake Powers, 8 (finished 7th)
June 14: Andrew Griffin, 6 (finished 5th), Jim Powell, 6 (finished 9th)

Improvement Points
Wes Mayfield, 29
Travis Booher, 28
Jim Powell, 28
Larry W. Powell, 25
Steve Carlin, 21
Andrew Griffin, 20
Jake Powers, 19
Nathan Hayes, 19
James Leffew, 18
Adam Scott, 12

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  1. Mod fan says:

    Keep on rockin’ it out Wyatt Lantz, I think as the year continues on the more we are going to see out of him. I can’t wait!!! Its going to be a great year of racing!!

  2. dirtsquirt says:

    yes awesome run by W. lantz! hes looking stronger each week!! looks like huls got the point lead look for him to stay there!! and look for powell to win championship just b/c he will wreck whoever tries to pass him!! wow somebody gonna get hurt in that class!!

  3. Modified Fan says:

    Have they thought about offering a practice night for new drivers so that they may be able to get use to things a little bit more so that maybe we could cut down on some cautions, I know it wouldnt stop all of them but if some of the newbies maybe got a little more track time they could do better during Racing. I’m sure some would pay a small fee to have an hour or so of practice time?

  4. CheckOrWreck says:

    You could cut down on cautions if the people that spin in front of the field every week would elect to start in the back. All they are learning to do is try to block people from passing rather than trying to actually pass anyone themselves.

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