IMCA upholds disqualification

August 31, 2009 39 Comments

Track officials said early Monday the IMCA has upheld Sunday night’s post-feature disqualification of Kevin Tomlinson, which will cost the first-year New London, Mo., stock car driver the track title.

Tomlinson will finish either second or third in the points, depending on whether the IMCA rules that he receives last-place points or zero points. That part of the ruling is expected later today.

Tomlinson was disqualified for not having a muffler on his car. He then filed an official protest with the IMCA.

Tomlinson had finished third in the feature behind winner Abe Huls of Carthage, Ill., and Aaron Brocksieck of Camp Point, Ill.

Hulls appeared to have finished three points (613-610) behind Tomlinson in the final standings, but the DQ of Tomlinson elevated Huls to the championship. Huls also won the track title at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa.

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  1. My thought are that a disqualification is no points .the track officials have been real good about telling racers through out the year about those little things to be legal,and I’d lick to think he had been warned before .If not rules are rules

  2. dirtsquirt says:

    Well like forrest gump said, oh nevermind i’m not going there!

    congrats to Abe huls! Wonder where he is in national points?
    looks like wibbell didn’t start heat so no points awarded.
    Wild night!

  3. Lefty says:

    I have to agree with Terry on this one. The guy was cheating. Plain and simple! I know that mufflers aren’t that big of a deal but rules are rules! Not to mention how can you not realize that they are going to check your car afterwards? This makes me think they have let him get away with it before.

  4. EB 14 says:

    For anyone who’d like to know the real story…no he wasn’t “cheating” on purpose. He’s never been told that he had to put mufflers on the car, and the IMCA rules state that it’s at the tracks discretion as to whether they will make them run mufflers or not. Kevin had been teched after most races and even after winning 3 features and was never once told to put mufflers on his car. That’s why you can image his surprise when he was told they were going to enforce the rule when they hadn’t done it to him all year. Sure rules are rules…but you can’t just enforce them whenever they’re convienent to other drivers taking a track championship away from someone! It should have been done from the beginning

  5. Cheri says:

    I too understand that “rules or rules”, but the question begs to be answered….”why was he allowed to win so many features if he wasn’t following the rules in the past?” It seems a bit strange to those of us on the outside looking in, why suddenly rules are inforced, when they’ve been ignored in the past.

    On a more uplifting note. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Tomlinson last night in the stands for the first time. I have to tell you that his sportsmanship impressed me tremendously. Many men/women who, if faced with the same situation would have been swearing, screaming and requiring security intervention. Not this young man…..he, of course was angry, but showed respect and took the news with grace. There’s more to winning a race, and his family should be very proud of this young gentleman, because last night, he truly showed that he IS a GENTLEMAN!! When the l racecars run past that flagstand, and trophies are handed out, it will soon be forgotten, but the way Kevin handled this situation will be remembered by THIS fan for a very long time. He has won a new fan for life! Congratulations to you Kevin, and to your parents for raising such a fine young man….I’m proud to have met you

  6. Lefty says:

    yea it should have been. The fact is that it gave him an advantage at power. Abe won the championship by obeying rules and knowing the rules. I think next year they should allow any car to participate in the stock car class, just give them all last place points. I also know of an instance where track officials told another driver not to come back unless he had them in the car! you cant tell me that everyone isnt aware of that rule.

  7. DTR FAN 0F says:

    I agree with EB14. Rules are Rules, if he hasn’t had one all year and has passed tech several times. Who do you blame? Him of course but why wasn’t this issue addressed before when he was teched. i think IMCA should maybe take a look at the track procedures and why this wasn’t ever talked about with the driver. Just fits in with the track. They have there favorites and that will always be.

  8. slickone says:


    Do you think officials can look over an ENTIRE car every night? No I dont think so… It just so happened that night, “the night when people usually do cheat”, they checked mufflers. Guess what, I bet Kevin had his mufflers in every other night!

    When you cheat it sucks… Whatever goes around comes around! Can I see where it says, Track Discretion?

    It is done and over with, got caught cheating, so now move on!

    Is kevin driving a ford next year? I heard he is… Maybe a Dominator Chasis but with a ford.

    Terry deserves the 2nd place for all his fine work he did this year!

  9. slickone says:

    I am pretty sure this is the only track those tech officials ever are told “favoritism”. That is funny. I know that one of the officials has worked at 4-5 tracks, maybe even more, and I have never heard a fellow racer, like myself say he has favoritism. How about my fellow racers admit when they cheat, and move on!


    Have a good rest of the week!

  10. EB 14 says:

    haha slick one you make me laugh. i will show you in the rules where it says that mufflers only have to be ran if the track and a noise reduction rule of 98 decibels or higher, and to my knowledge that it’s not be be found in the quincy raceways rule book that they are such a track…and once again i’ll state that kevin was never cheating on purpose. I can assure you that he won’t race again without mufflers from here on out. Even though it doesn’t give anyone a power advantage to run with or without them. And also, kevin deserves 2nd place…no wait, make the 1st place, for all the hard work he’s done all season. Also, there’ll be no ford in kevin future, they’re just a little too pricey. And no they didn’t just check it because it’s “the night when people cheat.” He wasn’t checked by the track he was protested by Doug Huls…huh…that’s kinda funny too

  11. Tracy Tomlinson Shelley says:

    Cheri, I would like to thank you for the nice words about my brother Kevin. It is a shame there aren’t more people like you that would comment on this blog. Sh*t happens and as always Mr. Rhinebarger should be proud of the job his officials have done and not properly teched Kevin all year. i am only lead to believe that this is exactly what the track officials and tony Rhinebarger were planning on doing from the moment they knew Kevin didn’t have a muffler earlier in the season. Abe and Doug Huls should be proud of being sore losers and not being able to just beat Kevin on the track. Thank you to all of Kevin’s fans for being so supportive.

  12. Shannon Huls says:

    Well if he wouldn’t have taken Abe out the week before intintially to give him a chance to actually win the race it probably never would have ever been brought up. Besides the point, the officials knew about it 3-4 weeks ago. Better than claiming his motor and losing all of his points, huh? The crowd was sure cheering though hearing the final result!!!

  13. Dirt Racer says:

    I have been around all these stock car guys all season long and i know on several incidents i heard talk that tomlinson wasnt running mufflers and people said somthing to the track official but they didnt do anything about it for several weeks in a row ! So as every stock car driver got tired of seeing him race and get away with it someone protested it to make sure somehting was done about it. !!! And as for tomlinson being such a good sportsman lets go back to last week when tomlinson turned Abe sideways down the frontstretch and never lifted ! Thats real sportsman like !!!! And it was unfair the abe was sent to the back for jumping the restart and in quincy rules it says you should only get sent back 2 cars. Just funny that a 25 dollar screw up could cost a track championship. Also about a month ago a guy was DQ at 34 for not haveing mufflers. I would like to Congradulate Abe on both track championshisps. Also congradulate Terry houston and Aaron Brocksick for a good year. Terry Would have finished better than he did if it wasnt for tomlinson almost pushing him off the track.

  14. bltb says:

    I have never heard of anything being at the tracks descretion. I agree with “rules are rules” and I know if it was a “rule” Kevin is damn straight gonna follow it because he is serious about his hobby and does not want to do anything to cut his own throat. I know Kevin is an honest young man, and anyone who knows Kevin, knows he will compete to win, not cheat to win. Funny thing here, it is evident that something was already in the making of shutting Kevin out of of his well deserved and hard earned championship. Did you notice how Abe was smiling the whole time when Kevin was being congratulated? And how about when the speaker only made the comment, if he passes inspection? No other class was that even remotely expressed. It is obvious Kevin was set up to lose the championship. Too bad a sore looser, I mean “winner” will do anything to turn the table in his favor. You do know Kevin comes out being the bigger man! I don’t know how many of you remember that Kevin’s dad died on the very track he is racing on. He now races in honor of his dad. His dad would be so proud of him by the sportsmanship he displayed.

  15. Tracy Tomlinson Shelley says:

    All season long Kevin has been plagued with rumors of claiming his engine to he’s cheating, to how can someone come into a new class and be this good right off the get go. Have some of you forgotten that Kevin ran modifieds and late models in quincy for several years before going into the stock car class this year. He was never DQ’d from any races in those classes for any equipment violations. My brother has not blatantly cheated to try and get the upper hand in the class. Do you remember earlier in the year when he didn’t finish a few races. My brother loves racing. This year he was unable to compete in the late model class because he had a wonderful beautiful baby girl Jamielin Rae. He wanted to race so bad that his best bud Mike Wiley fit the bill for the car so Kevin could race. My brother races in honor of our father who needlessly died at quincy raceways in 2005. Why is it that the only thing anyone can think of now is that he has “cheated all year.” He has not dominated the stock car class and was at one point not even really in contention to win the track championship, when Huls and Wibbell were inundated with their own issues. Kevin was then once again in the chase for the championship. Maybe all of us should use Kevin as a good example of someone who is willing to change classes so he can do the thing he loves the most, which is race. If you don’t take anything away from this blog and still feel the need to hate my brother because you think he “cheated all year” that’s fine we don’t need your support anyway, I am very proud of my brother for continuing to race after Dad died because I could not have done it. You are someone that poeple should look up to because of your adversity over losing a parent in a tragic way and continuing to honor him every time you race. I am proud of you know matter what happens or what the haters have to say. Keep your head up and keep racing your heart out.

  16. Girl Mod fan says:

    Okay I just have to know… What is the importance of a muffler?? Obviously it meant a lot for the drivers but in my head I thought it was just to help keep noise down??

    Congrats to all the champs from Sunday, it was truly a “soap opera” night to say the least! Nothing beats watching the tower gods giggling though =-) You guys are great!!

    Team 4… The new shirts ROCK!! I know we would love to have one, if you guys start to sell them please let me know, I know for sure 2 of them would be gone in a second! Great color!!! Love it!

    Way to go lil burgtorf for having a crap start and coming back and finishing strong. His racing Sunday was a heart stopper!!! He was a man on a mission. I love it when racing is actually a race and not just a follow the leader kind of night! Nothing beats some heart stopping, split second racing! It makes it all worth wild!

    Sad to see the season go so quickly. Truly there where some major upsets and some head scratchers but all in all it was a great season. I know at times the track has been rough and tough on the drivers but thanks to all of them that came week after week to give us a show. Thanks to the track crew for putting in what I am sure long hours and some times a pain in the butt work so that we can have an awesome track. Thanks to Stevie for keeping us in the know. The only thing better than this would be a reality show! You know I could almost see it coming…. It would be worth paying money for to have an eye and ear in the pits at time. I know sometimes I would love to know what is going on back there, especially after a night like Sunday!

    Hope next year we get all our drivers back as well as some new! Skip you have a few months to practice! Team 4 could use another one on their side. Also tell Dunker he needs to look into the late models again 🙂 I say next year it should be a team 4 domination… I might want you to add a few to that crew if thats the case… lol

    Good night to everyone, I hope everyone as well enjoyed this year as much as we did!!

  17. dirtstomper says:

    eb14 you are wrong abe got 1st and did an awsome job getting it, bulldozer tomlinson deserved no points and should have been 3rd and i am glad he did not put up fight about it,but he knew he was cheating every one else runs mufflers and doug did the right thing by pointing it out and it had been pointed out before but nothing was every done. bt and others tarnished a great night of racing, another one that should have been disqualified is the 48 car i was stand by the fence when they came off the track into the pits when he slamed the rear of the 04 car all the officials wanted to do was stop the bs racing crew from going down there and did not care if he wrecked there car or could have hurt someone!

    p.s. congrats to all the champs

  18. kevin 49t says:

    I wish i had would have heard rumors for me getting in trouble for no mufflers, I would have bought a case of mufflers to prevent the problem. the biggest part of my career I haven’t ran mufflers on an lm, mod, or stock car. Going into the future everything i run will have mufflers! i can promise you that! as far as the week before when i plowed abe, i was about as low as i could get on the track and abe worked his way in there and got the best of my temper. I’m sorry for that, i screwed up and can’t do anything about it now. As far as claiming my motor, they can have it, i’ve dealt with these rumors all year long. and if i get claimed i’m ready to get a new motor! Also, how many people were in on coming down from other tracks to take me out, did anyone else hear about this? I was called by another racer today, and told about abe offering one guy at burlington 200 bucks to take me out and another racer 2 new tires to do the same. I might not have been the smoothest or cleanest all year long, but i did it on my own. There’s no one more sorry about what happened than me. Have a great off season, see ya next year!

  19. EB 14 says:

    I believe DOZER would be an appropriate nick name, I’ll remind you all of a few years back when he ran over keith pratt under caution….sorry to all keith pratt fans for bringing up bad memories! His temper is improving, thanks to our lovely baby girl! Some may not be able to tell, but it really is…and better continue in that direction before stock cars becomes too expensive for us too! All I ask of someone that has a problem with kevin in the future is to approach him with it…he’ll usually take blame for the things he does wrong, and if he feels he hasn’t done anything wrong than he would tell you why. Kevin would do the same to you if he felt you had wronged him in some way. He wouldn’t go behind your back and try to have you taken out or pay to get you disqualified (we don’t have the money!), he just wants to race.

  20. Tracy Shelley says:

    i heard talk that tomlinson wasnt running mufflers and people said somthing to the track official but they didnt do anything about it for several weeks in a row ! So as every stock car driver got tired of seeing him race and get away with it someone protested it to make sure somehting was done about it. !!! And as for tomlinson being such a good sportsman lets go back to last week when tomlinson turned Abe sideways down the frontstretch and never lifted !

    If so many stock car racers were talking about it why didin’t they just approached Kevin themselves. My brother doesn’t deserve all this crap you poeple are giving him. So what if he didn’t lift. I am sure if the shoe was on the other foot Abe wouldn’t have lifted either. A championship was on the line and they both were very aggressive. And was Abe not trying to get under Kevin to spin him out.

    Can someone point out in the IMCA rules where it states that you must run a muffler. because apparently I am not reading the same rules as everyone else. Here are the rules for exhaust right off the IMCA website. Nothing in here indicates that he has to run a muffler except under MUST BE USED IF TRACK HAS NOISE REDUCTION RULE!!!
    Round tube headers only. All primary header tubes must enter directly into one collector at same point at end of header. Must remain dual exhaust, no crossover or “Y” pipes. No exhaust through body panels or fenders. Schoenfeld mufflers, stamped IMCA609, must be used if track has noise reduction rule of 98 d.b. or more. All exhaust must go through muffler, two per car, one per header. No merge collectors. No exhaust sensors.
    Nowhere in the Quincy procedures have I found where they have a noise reduction rule. So if it is in there someone please show it to me.

  21. 49T fan says:

    Kevin, I have to give you props for coming on here and defending yourself. You have shown alot of people that you can man up and take blame and responsibility for your actions. So many other drivers want to blame everyone else but themselves. You are a true racer and I am glad to call myself a Kevin Tomlinson fan. Go getem next year and don’t let all this negative blogging get you down. You have proven that you are the better person in this unfortunate situation.

  22. Dionne Leapley says:

    Kevin….you raced hard, you put your heart into and we are all proud of you! Anyone who knows you knows that you race true to the sport. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t worth the time.
    It was a mistake and an HONEST one. I don’t know these other drivers so I won’t slam any of them …as others posters are doing… my opinion the ones to blame are the techs at the track. They should have enough knowledge to spot discrepancies to their rules every night, not just when paid extra money to do so. Quincy Raceways, get it together!
    Kevin race hard and true…like you always do!!! Your friends are proud of you and all your hard work!!

    I also want to agree with a previous poster…Kevin handled this situation with the utmost sportsmanship. He did not let his temper get him and he was the epitome of self control. Bravo Kevin for being the better man!

  23. Lefty says:

    I too heard that Unhonest Abe pulled some funny stuff. One of his crew was heard saying that the only reason mueller was there was to spin out Thomlinson! It is pretty sad that he didnt have enuff faith in his talent to win fair and square. I also have read every page of quincy raceways rules and find no mention of mufflers being required.

    PS its an engine not a motor!

  24. Robert Boltz says:

    I have watched with interest over the last few days the comments posted on this blog. I have found a lot of option’s with little fact to speak of on both sides of this debate. So, I chose to go and research the mater by going to I.M.C.A website and the web site of all the I.M.C.A track sites in the region. In so doing I have found that only a few raceways do intrepid the rule of mufflers properly and I am afraid that the I.M.C.A, governing body of the Quincy raceway, is not one of them.
    I do not fault Quincy raceways because in there rules they defer to the I.M.C.A. when it comes to exhaust and in if fact refer to the rule word for word.
    I see no reason to point fingers at the Hulls or any other driver. If I were in their place I would have protested to. What the heck it’s only a $100 dollars or so to protest and if you win it would be worth much more.
    My problem is with the rule as it is written and how each track applies the rule.
    First let’s look at the rule as written on the I.M.C.A. website.
    16. EXHAUST: Round tube headers only. All primary header tubes must enter directly into one collector at same point at end of header. Must remain dual exhaust, no crossover or “Y” pipes. No exhaust through body panels or fenders. Schoenfeld mufflers, stamped IMCA609, must be used if track has noise reduction rule of 98 d.b. or more. All exhaust must go through muffler, two per car, and one per header. No merge collectors. No exhaust sensors.
    I would like to draw attention to the word “IF” in the paragraph. This is a conditional word. It means that a condition has to exist in order for the rest of the statement to apply. You often times find this conditional word used in computer programming. When using the word “IF” the condition then follows. In the case of this rule the condition would be “track has a noise reduction rule of 98 d.b. or more. (Note: The track must have a noise reduction rule).
    I Have gone over the rules listed for Quincy raceways and have found no noise reduction rule anywhere in the track rules.
    These are rules that are track specific and apply only to that track. Rules such as, entering track, driver rules, parking, flags, Ect. And, they apply to all classes and drivers.
    I.M.C.A rule number 16 would be one of the rules that can be used at a track, and by default Quincy Raceways enforces.
    34 Raceway in Burlington Iowa also uses rule 16. But, invokes the condition you find under the “IF” condition rule. It is found in there track rules and reads as follows

    11. Mufflers are required on Late Models, Sprint Cars, Modifieds, and Stock Cars. Any muffler is acceptable as long as it is not over a decibel reading of 105 decibels

    Now it is interesting to note that any muffler is acceptable when the I.M.C.A. rule states that “Schoenfeld mufflers, stamped IMCA609, must be used if track has noise reduction rule of 98 d.b. or more.”
    Now that we have looked at the rule I hope you realize what a driver has to go thru when it comes to understanding the do’s and do not’s when it comes to racing each week. Especially if you race several different tracks.
    The I.M.C.A. does not do this sport a justice by not checking on consisdence in the rules from track to track. It is unfair to the track owner who is trying to keep cost down for them and the driver’s. Nor, is it fair to the driver who has to figure out what those rules imply, and what must be done to make the car competitive yet stay with-in the rules
    I would hope that we as fans would contact I.M.C.A. and point out the flaws in the rule itself and how it is enforced at I.M.C.A. events.
    Robert Boltz
    Step-father to Kevin Tomlinson
    (And in my opinion one the greatest guys in the world and, I am very proud of him for a great year.)

  25. FORD BOY says:

    Hey Lefty, How come we have Ford Motor Co. and General (Goverment) Motors Corp? instead of Ford ENGINE Co. and General (Goverment) ENGINE Corp.

  26. slickone says:




  27. 52 Bro says:

    Kevin, we asked the officials about mufflers 3 weeks ago when you weren’t running them at the UMP Late Model show, and they said that they weren’t enforcing it that night because it was a special. I’m not sure why, because it was a regular track point night for Stock Cars. So really you should have been DQ’d back then.

    Thanks to Andrew Griffin for offering to let Chris put Hoosiers on his hobby stock and run it to earn some points Sunday after the tranny grenaded (something tweaked inside it from the previous weeks wreck, but it checked out alright when he drove it around the shop). He declined since he no longer had a shot at the title and 3rd to 6th didn’t really matter at that point.

    Lee Wibbell

  28. kevin bull dozer tomlinson says:

    i have not seen a muffler rule in writing yet. when i talked to the tech man he said it was posted on the board that the points are on for a couple weeks then the rain washed it away. i didnt see it and never heard about it in the drivers meeting that i went to witch was not to many also if you guys told the track as many times as you say you did that make me a lil more mad cause they waited so long to bring it to my attention but anyway i have some mufflers now so i will have them for next year
    ? lee why didnt ya say anything to me if it was suck a big deal or did u just want to wait for the dq to come along?

  29. familyfriend49t says:

    Lets talk legal, is it legal to put a bounty on somebody head, is it legal running your mouth to other race car drivers that Kevin will be taking out of the race not matter what ??
    How many races did Kevin win this year ? And they are just now finding he did not have a muffler ? Another funny thing is the person that protested the muffler, is from the same family who offered “deals” to other drivers to take Kevin out. Thats pretty sad!

  30. TEAM4FAN says:

    yo KEVIN , dont let this crap get the best of you ! you ran a great year , but as they say ” STUFF HAPPENS ” , thats exactly why its a hobby ,
    kinda funny how there are 30 comments to this topic & only 2 different opinions ?!?!?! you cheat , he cheats , but not MY guy . Hell with it , its over now , a couple new stickers & you’re ready to go , ( for bein such a BULLDOZER , the 49T machine still pretty strait ) i dont personally know ya , but good luck next year , BUT WATCH OUT FOR MY BOY AARON BROKSEIK ! ! ! ! ! I THINK HE MIGHTA GOT A HANDLE ON THE WHOLE STOCK CAR THING THIS YEAR ! ! ! ! HE’S GONNA BE THERE BATTLIN WITH YOU GUYS FOR THE C-SHIP NEXT YEAR ! ! ! ! !

    p.s. i feel left out for not bein able to accuse somebody for cheatin , so i pik ,…… MARK BURGTORF ! ! ! ! there is NO WAY a guy with a SPEC M-O-T-O-R ( yeh , i called it a motor ) can win a UMP race UNLESS HE TOOK HIS MUFFLERS OFF ! ! ! ! ! !

    (P.S.S just kiddin 7 fans , i like Mark a bunch , just didnt wanna be left out )


  31. sammy Davis says:

    slickone, no need to yell.

  32. sammy Davis says:

    Stevie Dirt you have been awful quiet thru all of this. Do you have any thoughts you would like to share with everyone ranting and raving on your blog. Even if it doesn’t have to do with this blog. How has your week been going? Hope you are having a good one.

  33. I'd like to punch you in your face says:

    For those of you who approached the officials, why would you not approach the racer when you have witnessed them not following the rules they the officials have set forth and are not enforcing. If you were in violation(and don’t say you would never think of being in violation of a rule) wouldn’t you rather a fellow racer say “hey man, it’s in the rules don’t make us do something you may later regret. Common courtesy. Have we forgotten about respecting each other. My opinion on this is that the ones that approached the officials new that Kevin was a better racer and the only way to beat him was exactly what you have done. I hope you sleep well at night. Just remember Kevin will be back next year, with mufflers on and ready to show you he can and will kick your butt again. thank you to everyone on and off this blog for showing your support for Kevin.
    *this blog has not been approved by kevin tomlinson and therefore should not hold him responsible in any way

  34. I'd like to punch you in your face says:

    Kevin I am going to have to say that Lee was waiting for the DQ to come along, right with the other stock car racers that approached the officials. In my opinion, they are just jealous because they knew they could only beat you in a nasty manor and not on the track. Kevin put those mufflers on your car and get out there next year and kick their butts again.

  35. Tracy Shelley says:

    Mr. Huls, I would hope that you would have more self respect for your own racing abilities than to stoop to a low as trying to pay off people to take kevin out. Actions like that, if true, show what kind of character you have. I video all of my brother’s races and at the beginning of the season you and Kevin raced hard a few times and from my end they always looked like you were both clean drivers. What happened to make you decide it was okay to be corrupt and try and get someone else to do the dirty work for you. Personal integrity is apparently not one of your strong suits.

  36. 49T Crew says:

    hey slickone,

    YES!!!!! the Officials should check the entire Car every night they are Tech’d. THAT IS THEIR JOB!!!!!. Maybe before you judge someone you should know the rules first so you can make an intelligent assessment instead of a NOT so intelligent one.
    As others were saying “rules are rules” but rules aren’t followed until they are posted in writing. At the QRW website they direct you to the IMCA Stock car rules and there isn’t anything in there about having to have mufflers.
    The biggest issue here is that the so called “racers” that couldn’t beat him on the track, had to sneak the win. Hope your proud of yourselves, cuz I know the rest of the racing fans at Quincy raceways are HAHA!!.

  37. Dirt Racer says:

    I believe Abe did win sunday and probably would have won last sunday if it wasnt for a idiot move by the great kevin tomlinson ! ! ! ! Good job Abe Huls dont let the 49T crew and fans get to you, if they were such goo dsports they wouldnt be on here every other hour posting rude comments.

    Also Great Job to Aaron Brocksick. That rookie is bad fast !!!

  38. 30c Crew says:

    I would like to start off by saying Abe is in canada with his fiance so he has no idea what is going on, on here and cant voice his opinion. I can assure you Kevin, Abe didnt make plans to have anybody take you out. However there were a few racers that OFFERED to take you out for us. But Abe said he didnt want anybody getting invovled and was just planning on racing you really hard. So i dont know where the 200 dollar and 2 tire thing came into effect but it never happend. And We didnt have Jeff Mueller come down to take you out either. Jeff told me saturday night he wanted to come down and try some things before boone and to just race quincy because he hasnt raced there that much this year. Basically what it comes down to is what you did last week by taking us out, turned around and bit you in the butt. You have to pay for making stupid decisions. ITs sad becasue you and I both know that you 2 racing clean and hard is a awesome race. And whethere your still mad or not i hope to see you and Abe drive each other clean (even if you dont get along) Drive eacth other clean but hard. So i hope you(Kevin) read this and all your fans and crew to understand we didnt plan on having people take you out or any of the rumors being posted on here. We just planned on racing you and hoped that we could beat you that way. But rules are rules and you should know and understand them. I am looking forward to next year to see you to put everything in the past and just go out and race hard and no one make stupid decisions.

    I would like to say great job and great year to all the stock car guys !!!

    Dustin Getz
    Abe Huls Crew member

  39. dirtbag says:

    All classes @ Quincy Raceways must have mufflers. Apparently someone failed to read the rules,thus made for some real good drama.It wasnt like he’ld won over 60% of the seasons features from the back ,then gobbled up another championship,where does it end?..ya gotta love it,lmao!

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