Wibbell’s point total corrected

August 26, 2009 7 Comments

Mathematically, Chris Wibbell still has a chance at his first track title at the Bullring — thanks to a stock car scoring error that was caught.

Track officials contacted this blog earlier today, informing us that Wibbell had been shorted 10 points because of a computer glitch in how the IMCA points were applied following Sunday’s race.

Wibbell now has 563 points, good for third place. He is 12 points behind leader Kevin Tomlinson (575) and seven in back of runner-up Abe Huls (570). Sunday night is the final points racing show of the season. Champs will be crowned in all four classes.

Wibbell has been the victim of late-season heartbreak for straight years at 8000 Broadway. A year ago, he wound up deadlocked for first in points but lost the championship on a tiebreaker (most features won) to Jeff Mueller. This year he has been in contention all season, and was one of three drivers who figured to have a shot on the final night until a crash in a heat race last Sunday knocked him out of the feature and cost him dearly in the points standings.


Here’s a look at the drivers who have performed the best since the midseason championship races. Make sure you scan the hobby stocks. That’s what you call close:

Late models:
Mark Burgtorf, 225
Lonnie Bailey, 217 (overall leader)
Bill Genenbacher, 216
Jason Perry, 210
Justin Reed, 203
Nick Ingalls, 201

Justin Reed, 434 (overall leader)
Donovan lodge, 403
Tony Dunker, 376
Vance Wilson, 369
Steven DeLonjay, 364
Robbie Reed, 362
Shawn Deering, 354

Stock cars:
Terry Houston, 187
Kevin Tomlinson, 185 (overall leader)
Aaron Brocksieck, 183
Jerry Jansem, 179
Doug Huls, 177
Chris Wibbell, 175
Steve Steinkuhler, 173

Hobby stocks:
Jake Powers, 223
Steve Carlin, 222 (overall leader)
Jim Powell, 222
Nathan Hayes, 220
Adam Scott, 218
Travis Booher, 217
Tanner Klingele, 214
Mike Wiley, 208

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  1. FORD BOY says:

    I’m having trouble understanging how UMP point allotment affects IMCA Stock Car points. Are you sure somebody isn’t pulling your leg?

  2. R U kidding me says:

    Ford Boy,

    My mistake on that. Glad you caught it! It’s IMCA points, of course. By the time you rad this, the blog post will have been corrected. The problem was the computer did not credit Wibbell with the proper amount of “last-place points” when he did not start the feature. He was eligible for the last-place points because he had started the heat race. He was shorted 10 points. He was incorrectly credited with “did not start” points. (Or something like that!!!)

    — S. Dirt.

  3. Lefty says:

    I think that the track officials should go back and check out the entire season for drivers who didnt make the feature but didn’t get the correct points!? Perhaps Wibble didnt even qualify for the feature by not finishing the heat? How can they give him points for the feature when the car was on the trailer?!!!

  4. 52 Bro says:

    Lefty, it’s IMCA rules that if you earn a qualifying position for the feature (even if you don’t finish the heat) you earn last place points in the feature. If a car doesn’t START a heat, then they are not eligible for points for a feature as happened to Brocksiek and Steinkuler earlier in the year when they didn’t attempt to qualify. Check out http://www.imca.com if you need any more rules clarifications.

  5. dirtsquirt says:

    here are some other interesting RULES. To often we only want the rules that apply to us in a good way to be enforced. Here some that aren’t followed or enforced

    8. No IMCA member shall participate in any fight on the premises, or take part or participate in any action or activity considered detrimental to IMCA racing.
    9. No IMCA member shall subject officials to abuse or improper language.
    10. Driver is sole spokesman for car owner and pit crew in any and all matters pertaining to the race and the driver only shall take part in any arbitration with the officials.
    11.Driver is responsible for the conduct and actions of their crew members. Unsportsmanlike conduct by drivers, owners and/or pit crews shall be grounds for disqualification and/or punitive action by IMCA.

    of course it would be boring! and who wouldn’t like to see a race break out during fight night?

  6. dirtstomper says:

    youv’e got a good point dirtsquirt but the officials would still pick and choose when they want to enforce them, just like every other sunday night! if the officials would work on being more consistant on when they through these rules out and quit letting personal opinion get in the way this would make racing more fun and more competitive !!!!!!

  7. Lefty says:

    Im pretty sure that Steinkuler did start a heat race according to one of his crew. Just want to make sure things are the same for EVERYONE!

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