Fall series definitely seems to be a popular (afternoon) idea

November 10, 2009 2 Comments

I think the fans and racers have spoken, at least judging from the responses the previous blog has received. Some sort of fall series seems to be very popular, and so does some sort of Sunday afternoon starting time.

I’m going to be talking to Bullring co-owner Tony Rhinberger in the near future and this will definitely be a topic. The idea behind our meeting was to discuss the 2010 season, so this should fit right in. I’ll keep you posted on this blog about the possibility of a fall series and other potential changes for next season.

To be honest, the early starting time did not occur to me, but I think it’s a great, great idea. I am a football fan like most, but if I had a choice of sitting at home on four Sunday afternoons in September/October or going to 8000 Broadway there is no choice. Get the trackburgers a cookin’ cuz Stevie Dirt is on the way.

Ideas presented by you, the fans, are the beauty of an outlet such as this. If the fall series becomes a reality, you should take all the credit for it.

Is this a great country or what?!

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  1. FORD BOY says:

    When you talk to management, bring up a lap counting device so that the people in the pit bleachers can know what lap the race is in.

  2. flyby says:

    There is one week in October. I think its the 2nd week? There hasnt been any races in the area that weekend. Only usra cars in Oskaloosa. If its the same way next year, I’d take advantage of it and put on a big Saturday show. You can always pull in more cars on a Saturday than you can on a Sunday. Perfect example last weekend at Memphis-143 cars on Saturday. On Sunday in Oskaloosa, More money, but only a little over 100 cars. Not because people dont like the track. Its because alot of the people were traveling, and like getting home Sunday.

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