How about a mini-series in the fall following points racing?

November 8, 2009 15 Comments

How about a fall mini-series at the Bullring? Four weeks of racing after the points season ends, with the champ in each of the competing series picking up some sort of bonus payoff?

I’m not one who thinks racing needs to extend into November or anything like that, but I think there’s enough interest to support solid Sunday night crowds until — or a little past — the first of October.

What do you think?

A potential sponsor of such an idea contacted me a few days ago and asked me what I thought. Actually, he asked me about another concept that I didn’t think would fly, so I suggested this.

Let me know what you think. This would-be sponsor will be watching the Stevie Dirt blog to help gauge interest.

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  1. Girl mod fan says:

    I know this October was kind of a crappy one but days like today make me go DANG I wish there was some racin action tonight. I know I would def be there cheering them on! I wish it did go at least until the end of October… It just seems to come and go to quick.. Hope you can get something go Stevie that would be awesome!

  2. flyby says:

    Saturdays would be much better for late-fall specials. I know there is other tracks with specials also but you can fit in 1 or 2. Just pay good money and have free or cheap entry. You will draw alot of cars and alot of fans.

    Not sure about the Mini-Series idea, I dont think many people would go to it except the locals. But that’s just my opinion.

  3. how about sunday afternoon rather than sunday night

  4. DirtLMfan says:

    I believe there would be huge crowds in the stands and especially in the pits. The drivers do not like to quit! With points over they would be going all out. A draw redraw or draw/passing points format could be used, I like the latter. Look at all the cars in Memphis this past weekend, there will be more cars than during regular season. As a fan I think this would work great for the track owner and for the sponsor. Great idea.

  5. Top Row says:

    Awesome idea. I also like the Sunday afternoon idea, maybe start about 2 or 3?

  6. Pitpass says:

    i can’t see any reason why something like this would not work.

  7. johnson14 says:

    i think all that would be needed would be a dozen or so cars in eahc class, although i think there would be plenty more, especially late models and modifieds. the season just ends too early. the weather stays warmer longer than it used to.

  8. TEAM4FAN says:



    == SKIPP

  9. chunks says:

    they use to later back in the 2 man cruiser days on saturday night

  10. Duke_0 says:

    I’d be all for it.

  11. Duke_0 says:

    Whats Tony (track promoter) think about this? Yay or Nay?

  12. seighinger says:

    I haven’t talekd with Tony about this idea. I was hoping he would see it on here first and notice the support for such an idea. Keep those posts coming!

  13. DirtLMfan says:

    Early start time good idea. Hot laps at 3, START racing 3:30 . Start the racing on time with no intermission or a very short 15 min. stop. The racing could be over before dark saving the owner electricty. A 4 race plan with a good payout would work.

  14. Fordracer06 says:

    I think a mini series would be great, but I also believe it should start earlier in the day. The racing season does end to soon. The weather is usually good until mid October.

  15. 22 hobby says:

    i am all for it. i think they should let us go until the end of october. some nights might get a little chilly but im sure there would still be drivers and a lot of fans that would show up at the track to watch the racesl. i think starting the races earlier on sundays would be a good idea for when kids have school but during the summer i would rather keep the time the same.

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