Bullring to experiment with 5:30 p.m. starting time

December 9, 2009 7 Comments

Race fans, we have some news about 2010.

Quincy Raceways co-owner Tony Rhinbeger spent some time with me today discussing next season. Here are some of the highlights, which I will break up over a two-day period. Today’s information deals with specific issues:

Starting time: The track is going to use a 5:30 p.m. starting time on Sundays during April and if it proves popular with racers and fans alike it will likely become permanent.

My comment: I think this is a great idea. A GREAT IDEA! Many drivers and fans alike were suggesting an earlier starting time an earlier in comments left on this blog after the season. Track officials listened. Is this a great country or what?

No fifth class: There are no plans to add a fifth class to the weekly lineup of late models, modifieds, stock cars and hobby stocks. Rhinberger feels four classes work perfectly for Sunday nights. He said the rumors about possibly adding crate late models, sport mods or “B” modifieds were not true, although there is the possibility a few crate model shows could be included this season.

My comment: I think at some point there will be a fifth class, but with the current economic times this is probably not the best season. But if the earlier starting time works out this season and the economy picks up, my gut feeling is there still might be a fifth class in the future at 8000 Broadway.

Opening night: Will be April 4.

My comment: I can’t wait. How about March 4?

No fall series: Rhinberger said at this time the track plans to keep its traditional schedule, with the last night of racing around the middle of September (but the schedule has not yet been finalized). He said an annual fall-off in spectators, kids returning to school (cutting down on family attendance) and many racers “hanging it up for the season” after Labor Day all weighed in his decision against any sort of fall series.

My comment: I understand Rhinberger’s view, and what he says is correct. But if enough racers and rans would like the season extended, they have to show they would support it. Talk to Rhinberger this season and let him know your feelings if you would be in favor fo such a move. There’s nothing that says a fall mini-season can’t be added if the demand is there.

NEXT: We’ll look at some of the key dates on the 2010 schedule

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  1. Todd Nelson says:

    Any specific dates for the Deery events, UMP SN or other specials? Other specials planned – Monster, sprint cars, etc? Looking forward to the forthcoming articles.

  2. A fan says:

    I think starting at 5:30 is a great idea. I would like to see it start that time all season.

  3. seighinger says:

    Will have info on big dates in the next blog, either Thursday night or Friday. Stevie Dirt is in the pits today with the flu.

  4. Danny Rosencrans says:

    So is 5:30 hot lap time, or race time?

  5. seighinger says:

    To clarify, racing starts at 5:30. Hot laps are scheduled for 5.

  6. TEAM4 FAN says:

    how am i gonna explain not gettin home til 1am to my wife now????????????

  7. rizzle says:

    I think starting earlier is a great deal at the track the only problem im having with that is its gonna suck going into turn one with the sun in your eyes, but o well i close my eyes going into the turns anyways so now thinking bout it its not really a big deal my bad.

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