Long needs a handful of heat wins for a clean sweep

December 25, 2009 1 Comment
Michael Long

Michael Long

Even if modified standout Michael Long does not race full time in 2010 at the Bullring, he should be there enough to win a few heat races and become the career leader in that category since track stats started being charted in 1999.

If — or when — Long takes over the career lead for heat victories he will then hold the top spot in all four victory classes. Long will enter 2010 the career leader in total wins (150), feature victories (53) and dashes (24). Long currently trails retired Hank DeLonjay in heat wins 73-71.

One driver who looks poised to make considerable strides in the career stats next season is Dave Wietholder, who with moderate success should climb to No. 6 in overall victories, crack the top 10 in feature victories and move into the top five in heat wins.

Here’s a look at the career leaders in each modified category.

Michael Long, 150
Hank DeLonjay, 130
Tony Dunker, 94
Wyatt Lantz, 77
Vance Wilson, 67
Joe Hooper, 47
Brandon Lennox, 44
Dave Wietholder, 42
Robbie Reed, 41
Joe Bliven, 40
Ryan Meyer, 38
Active drivers with minimum 10 victories
Brandon Brown, 31
Danny Lake, 20
Steven DeLonjay, 16
Jared Schlipman, 16
Justin Reed, 10

Michael Long, 53
Hank DeLonjay, 42
Vance Wilson, 30
Wyatt Lantz, 24
Joe Hooper, 18
Tony Dunker, 12
Joe Bliven, 8
Sam, Burgtorf, 8
Gary Wilson, 8
Greg Uppinghouse, 8
Mike Karhoff, 8

Active drivers with at least 1 victory
Robbie Reed, 7
Brandon Lennox, 6
Dave Wietholder, 6
Ryan Meyer, 6
Brandon Brown, 6
Justin Reed, 4
Steven DeLonjay, 3
Danny Lake, 1

Hank DeLonjay, 73
Michael Long, 71
Tony Dunker, 62
Wyatt Lantz, 39
Brandon Lennox, 27
Joe Hooper, 27
Ryan Meyer, 26
Rob Carter, 24
Vance Wilson, 23
Joe Bliven, 23

Active drivers with minimum 5 victories
Dave Wietholder, 21
Robbiue Reed, 21
Brandon Brown, 20
Danny Lake, 19
Jared Schlipman, 16
Steven DeLonjay, 6
Shawn Deering, 6

Michael Long, 24
Tony Dunker, 18
Vance Wilson, 17
Hank DeLonjay, 15
Dave Wietholder, 11
Brandon Lennox, 11
Wyhatt Lantz, 10
Robbie Reed, 9
Joe Bliven, 7
Steven DeLonjay, 6
Brandon Brown, 6
Gary Dreyer, 6

Active drivers with minimum 2 victories
Ryan Meyer, 5
Donovan Lodge, 3
Justin Reed, 3
Danny Lake, 2

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  1. getter done ford man,hope to see more of you and your ford powered mod showing the way next season. and like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. see ya at the banquet

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