Quincy regulars have ruled first two years of SDRR

December 6, 2009 2 Comments

When the Stevie Dirt Regional Rankings for late models and modifieds were started in 2008 (and for stock cars in 2009), the idea was to see what driver(s) excelled at the primnary tracks in our general region. I think the SDRR has served its purpose.

Above all else, I think it has illustrated how much the Quincy late model drivers travel to Iowa tracks in West Burlington and Donnellson — and how much the drivers up north do not come south to 8000 Broadway. SDRR points are awarded from April through the end of August for late model feature performances at Quincy, West Burlington and Donnellson.

Quincy regulars command seven of the top eight positions in the two-year career rankings, led by 2008 SDRR champ Jason Frankel and 2009 champ Mark Burgtorf.

In the modified division, Quincy regulars as a whole do not travel much, while many of the Iowa mods go back and forth between Donnellson and West Burlington. Of course, different rules packages changed things in 2009, but there was almost no interaction between the Iowa tracks and Quincy before that, so the Quincy switch to UMP was not a major factor in the rankings.

During the first two years of the modified totals, the Moberly track was included, along with Scotland County in 2008 before it closed. In 2010, we’re dropping Moberly and reintroducing Scotland County to the rankings if it runs as scheduled. The reason for dropping Moberly was minimal traveling between drivers at that track and Quincy, West Burlington and Donnellson — and vice versa.


1. Jason Frankel, Quincy, Ill.,
947 points
2. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, Ill., 920
3. Lonnie Bailey, Quincy, Ill., 693
4. Justin Reed, Quincy, Ill., 535
5. Denny Woodworth, Mendon, Ill., 410
6. Tom Goble, Burlington, Iowa, 407
7. Keith Pratt, Mendon, Ill., 399
8. Matt Bailey, Quincy, Ill., 348
9. Tom Darbyshire, Morning Sun, Iowa, 342
10. Matt Strassheim, West Burlington, Iowa, 260

On the bubble
Jay Johnson, West Burlington, Iowa, 251
Jason Perry, Payson, Ill., 198
Tom Bowling, Danville, Ill., 192

SDRR Champions
2009: Mark Burgtorf, 583 points
2008: Jason Frankel, 578 points

Top Illinois Drivers
2009: Mark Burgtorf, 583 points (No. 1)
2008: Jason Frankel, 578 points (No. 1)

Top Iowa Drivers
2009: Tom Goble, 228 points (No. 5)
2008: Tom Goble, 179 points (No. 7)

Top Missouri Drivers
2009: No driver in Top 25.
2008: Kevin Tomlinson, New London, Mo., 86 (No. 17)

1. Michael Long, Quincy, Ill., 913 points
2. Josh Foster, Montrose, Iowa, 701
3. David Holder, Clarence, Mo., 451
4-tie. Rich Smith, Davenport, Iowa, 439
4-tie. Steven DeLonjay, Quincy, Ill., 439
6. Tyler Cale, Donnellson, Iowa, 420
7. Dean McGee Sr., Galesburg, Ill., 409
8. Wyatt Lantz, Augusta, Ill., 396
9. Vance Wilson, Frankford, Mo., 384
10. Scott Hogan, Vinton, Iowa, 374

On the bubble
Brandon Rothzen, Raritan, Ill., 364
Dave Wietholder, Liberty, Ill., 346
Tony Dunker, Quincy, Ill., 342

SDRR Champions
2009: Josh Foster, Montrose, Iowa, 499 points
2008: Michael Long, Quincy, Ill., 516 points

Top Illinois Drivers
2009: Michael Long, Quincy, Ill., 397 points (No. 2)
2008: Michael Long, Quincy, Ill., 516 points (No. 1)

Top Iowa Drivers
2009: Josh Foster, Montrose, Iowa, 499 points (No. 1)
2008: Bill Roberts Jr., Burlington, Iowa, 348 (No. 2)

Top Missouri Drivers
2009: Vance Wilson, Frankford, Mo., 258 points (No. 5)
2008: Dave Holder, Clarence, Mo., 324 points (No. 4)

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  1. h_06 says:

    I’m just curious.

    What, if anything, do the drivers get for winning SDRR?

  2. seighinger says:

    For winning the SDRR, drivers receive $1 million dollars!! No, just kidding (obviously!). They receive only the prestige of being No. 1

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