10 things to remember: No. 6 — Triple crowns were a rarity

January 23, 2010 1 Comment

The following is the sixth in a 10-part countdown of highlights and lowlights at Quincy Raceways during the decade of the 2000s.

It’s not an official statistic or a recognized award, but it is certainly an accomplishment — and a most difficult one.

It’s called the “triple crown,” winning the midseason and championship races, plus the track title. And it only happened six times  by five drivers during the 2000-09 decade.

Accomplishing a triple crown is no fluke, evidenced by the caliber of drivers who have been able to accomplish the feat. Mark Burgtorf, Michael Long, Wyatt Lantz, Tony Dunker and Dave Wietholder are all household names.

Wyatt Lantz

Wyatt Lantz

Here’s a triple-crown rundown:

Late models
2006: Mark Burgtorf
2003: Mark Burgtorf

2007: Michael Long
2005: Wyatt Lantz (“B” modifieds)
2004: Tony Dunker (“B” modifieds)

Hobby Stocks
2001: Dave Wietholder

Were there any other drivers who came close? A few. Three times  a driver won midseason and season races, but did not win the track championship:

2007: Steve Carlin, hobby stocks
2001: Kelly Bartz, “B” modifieds
2000: Joe Bliven, “B” modifieds

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  1. Girl Mod Fan says:

    Oooo….. How I miss the good ole’ days of a Dunker/Lantz race…. Them boys back in the day put on a good show, you never knew which one was going to come up on top. I truly believe real racing is when its down to the split second to that checkered flag not this Ooo he lapped the whole field 2 times and is all alone, could spin out and still be first. Those rare occasions truly are the best and most exciting, to at least me personally. 🙂

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