All-time King of the Ring voting starts Monday, Feb. 1

January 28, 2010 2 Comments
Steve Fraise won 9 late model track titles at Quincy Raceways.

Steve Fraise won 9 late model track titles at Quincy Raceways.

Who will wear the crown?

The inaugural “King of the Ring” — as in Bullring — competition willk get under way on this blog beginning Monday. Feb. 1. Here’s how it will work:

— Online voters will determine the all-time King of the Ring through four stages of voting.

— Drivers who have won at least two track championships are eligible to be on the ballot.

— The voting will be done in four stages, each a one-week window of balloting.

— The first round will feature two different sets of two-time track champions.

— The semifinals will showcase the six drivers with three or four track titles, plus the top two vote-getters from each of the two first-round pairings.

— The championship spotlights the three drivers who won nine or more track crowns, plus the top three vote-getters from the semifinals.


First round

Pairing No. 1, all drivers have 2 track titles  (top two vote-getters advance)
Steven DeLonjay, hornets
Bill Genenbacher, hobby stocks
Jeff Klingele, street stock/hobby
Michael Long, modifieds
Hal Roach, roadrunner
Junior Tuggle, bomber/street stock
Pairing No. 2, all drivers have 2 track titles  (top two vote-getters advance)
Lonnie Carter, modifieds
Gary Dreyer, modifieds
Tony Dunker, modifieds
Jim Gillenwater, hobby stock
Greg Uppinghouse, modifieds


Sam Burgtorf, 4 track titles, modified (3), hobby stock
Eddie Dieker, 4 track titles, hobby stock
Terry Gallaher, 4 track titles, late models
Lonnie Bailey, 3 track titles, late model (2), sportsman
Steve Carlin, 3 track titles, hobby stock
Larry Larson, 3 track titles, sportsman (2), hobby
Qualifier from Pairing No. 1
Qualifier from Pairing No. 1
Qualifier from Pairing No. 2
Qualifier from Pairing No. 2

The Feature

Mark Burgtorf, 14 track titles, late models
Hank DeLonjay, 13 track titles, modified (10), sportsman (3)
Steve Fraise, 9 track titles, late models
Qualifier from semifinals
Qualifier from semifinals
Qualifier from semifinals

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  1. DTR FAN 0F says:

    Burgtorf, I think along with the 14 track championships you have to add in there how clean of a racer he is. Look at how many cars he has torn up over the years. I can’t remember him tearing any cars up. I honestly have only seen mark in a couple of wrecks and none were his fault, just the wrong place at the wrong time and they were minor. As for Hank, he is up there in the running to. With him you have to take into account how many times he was winning races and had flat tires. But the “Flyin Iowan” he was tough and he won 9 championships here in a shorter time than Mark. So this one could be close. I think my all time favorite races at the bullring were the Busch all star races. So many big names. Findling, Fischline, Kosiskis, M. Wallace, and so many others. Them were some awesome races.

  2. 0071R says:

    Not taking anything away from Burgtorf. Back in the 80’s when there was true racing in stead of this imca racing. There was several guys that could win every nite never knew who. Very fast group of Drivers that raced at Quincy just about every weekend. Just name off some Like 77 Dick Crane, 22 Fischline, 0 Terry G, 50 Roger Dolan, 02 Kenny Walton, 18u tom U., Kosiski bros. 1 Tom I. 40 Dan Dickey, 38 Tom H. 45 Steve Fraise, 35 Harley Harrison, 8 Sonny Findling, 11R Long, 73 Jim Swank, Fraise had is hands full with these guys and Burgtorf did well against them in the later years. We was very lucky back than to have some of best of best in the Midwest race at the old bullring. Good Racing.

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