Burgtorf says he will not seek 15th track championship

March 17, 2010 2 Comments

Mark Burgtorf
Mark Burgtorf

Those hoping 14-time late model track champ Mark Burgtorf might try for No. 15 will likely be disappointed this season. Mark told me at the recent Quincy Mall show his attendance at Quincy this season would be “sporadic.”

Mark has not openly campaigned for a track title since 2007. The back-to-back years without a Quincy championship are the first time since he won his initial track title in 1992 that he has gone two straight seasons without a championship on his home track.

Part of Burgtorf’s focus this summer will be winning another Deery Brothers Summer Series title. He said the way the 16-race tour schedule is set up he will only have to miss about four days of work, which was a big part of his decision. Burgtorf has won three Deery titles (2003, 2001, 1998) and one IMCA national championship (1998).

Of the 22 Deery races at the Bullring, Burgtorf has won seven, including the April 2009 run. The Deery tour’s first of two 2010 stops in Quincy comes April 11. The first night of racing this season at 8000 Broadway is April 4. Practice dates are March 27, 28, 31 and April 2.

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  1. Girl Mod Fan says:

    I saw we put up a poll and see if he should go for it or not. I myself vote for him to stay here close to town and whip some race car bumper and claim that 15th track title. If only B would listen to us and know that his fans really REALLY REALLY want him here….. Stevie….. Have any pull on this???

  2. seighinger says:

    Girl Mod Fan,

    I’m with you in wishing No. 7 would run full-time at QR, but I understand he wants to branch out a little, too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll wind up being at 8000 Broadway every week!

    S. Dirt

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