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April 26, 2010 8 Comments
We'd like to hear from owners and drivers about the cost of a late model, modified, stock car and hobby stock. That includes the initial cost, plus upkeep

We'd like to hear from owners and drivers about the cost of a late model, modified, stock car and hobby stock. That includes the initial cost, plus upkeep. Pictured above the No. 4st, driven by Justin Reed and owned by Tony Dunker.

An interesting note came in (see comments) asking how much it costs to put together a race team? Late model, modified, stock car and hobby stock drivers help us out! How about some of you writing in and providing some information about how much the different kinds of cars cost, how much does it take for a summer-long season, etc.? This could be extremely informative. Let’s go for it, guys.

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  1. midpack says:

    altogether i have spent about 5500.00 on my hobby but that is new car, new motor, and a lot of new parts that i have never bin able to buy when i built my old cars.

  2. seighinger says:


    Thanks for getting it started! Let’s hear from some others.

  3. Justin Reed says:

    Well this is an extremly rough estimate but ill try lay out just about how much it takes to run a late model. My example is from equipment for sale on racingjunk.com and personal experience.

    This is a decent used car, motor, and a small amount of misc (wheels, tires, suspension, safty equipment…..)

    Start up cost which would include just the purchase of a car:

    imca motor (carb to pan) = 8,000-12,000
    rolling chassis = 10,000
    misc = 5000

    totaling an average of 25k

    After purchasing the car figure on about 8,000 – 10,000 dollars annually to continue to bring this same car to the track (motor freshen, replacing worn out parts, new body, lettering, paying for fighting fines from previous year…..)

    your gonna go through 10 gallons of fuel, 1 tire (rough average), and 2 pit pass for your nightly exp…(this also means no wrecks… good luck!)

    nightly exp.= 220 per night* 30 nights = 6600 a year

    So in recap figure that your first year in racing is going to cost in the neighborhood of 30000 dollars and 15000 dollars for each addition year you plan to race….Oh and you need a truck, trailor, tools and shop too (im still workin on that one).

    So when you see those big 5 figure earnings that you may see in Stevie’s year end “Money Earners” catagory, know that it took 30K to earn 10K!!!!!!!!!!!!! To make a small fortune in racing; start with a large one!

    So how do we do it?

    Extremely great sponsor help…… we have great businesses and people throughout this community that help us drivers do what we love, so support them every chance you get.

    And for a modified, all bills to be forwarded to DUNKER CONCRETE… Thanks SKIP!!!!!!!

  4. Jeff Mueller says:

    Stock car price, do buy a new roller from dominator your looking at 6500, then u still need power steering, transmission, rear gear, body and motor and bolt ons for the motor. Motors you should be able to get buy with a $2000-$3000 motor, what i run all the time because of the claim. Carb u can buy for $325, transmission powerglide is about 700 manual is 100-200 plus a clutch 500.

    The car you should be able to race for a few years with only putting body plus maybe springs and shocks, so figure on a 1000-2000 for up keep in the winters plus maybe a 1000-1500 to freeshen motors.

    We go thru a $90 every 5 or 6 nights probably, i get alittle more out of um then some people. You could go racing with a new car with ease for less than 12000, Nick from dominator would probably even put it together for you for that ready to race. You can usually by used cars at the end of the year for 5000-6000 add your motor and go racing. As justin said sponsors are defiently why any of us can do this.

  5. TEAM4FAN says:


  6. LMsrule says:

    Justin & Jeff thanks for your input. You are both great drivers and class acts. Thanks to you also Midpack, whoever you are. So $5,500 for a Hobby Stock, $12,000 for a Stock Car, and $25,000 for a Late Model. Can someone give input on a Modified? The main question I am interested in is the cost difference of a Mod and a LM. I would assume they are pretty close?

  7. Jeff Mueller says:

    Stevie thats a brand new stock car, you could defiently come close to going racing for the hobby price, and still be pretty competetive, now if they could just make the track two grooved we’d all be happy

  8. Chris Koetters says:

    I’m coming into this late but I thought I would throw my two cents in. I bought Watermans old modified in 2008 and its top to bottom ready to run. But the associated cost with running on one single night is just too much for me to handle dollar wise. Here is what I figured up for the cost breakdown for one night of racing at qcy;

    Gas for truck to haul car round trip: ~$45.00
    Gas for Car: $95(estimate 10 gallons)
    Pit Passes: $20 x 2 = $40
    One tire per night rule: $95
    Oil (divided by 3 races): $15

    Total approximately $290 per night

    I was able to complete my car, race ready, with no equipment before hand, for around 14K and that was for a pretty basic 4 barrel, gas modified.

    $8,700 for nightly expenses + 14K for car = $22,700 to start from scratch and race a full year.

    If you figure you will bring in the bare minimum on a night at Quincy ($115), that would be $3,450 in income

    $3,450 – $22,700 = $19,250

    They tell you that if you race expecting to make money then you just need to keep on dreaming. You have to be playing the big money races, and lots of them to have any hope of getting out of the red, oh and you have to place well too.

    Oh! I forgot the UMP License in the figuring too. LOL

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