Lee County Speedway’s Friday night sked washed out

April 23, 2010 3 Comments

The day-long rain has forced Lee County Speedway promoters to cancel Friday night’s racing card. The next scheduled show is April 30, which will be the first points night for late models, modifieds, hobby stocks, stock cars and sport mods.

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  1. dirtLMfan says:

    How do the IMCA rules read in LM class? Are there 2 draw/redraw dates to start the points? If so does each track get 2 draw/redraw races even with a rainout or is it just the 1st two dates races should be run?

    Burgtorf running good. Bullring king still has not made a feature in 2010.

  2. Jack Walbring says:

    This right out of the IMCA Rules and Prodecures. It has nothing to do with rainouts or schedule, only actual race nights.
    1. First night, all drivers draw for heats. Qualifiers redraw for starting positions. One heat – 5 redraw; two or five heats – 10 redraw; three, four or six heats – 12 redraw. SPECIAL NOTE: IMCA late models draw first two nights.
    2. From second night on, heats are lined up by season IMCA point average, stagger inverted, lowest point average to front, highest point average to rear. New drivers carrying no point average start at the rear. Two or more drivers having no average or same point average will be lined up at discretion of officials. Point averages are figured from IMCA point system. Average is figured by driver’s track IMCA point total divided by the total number of times he/she has competed at track.

  3. dirtLMfan says:

    Thanks Jack. Answer appreciated.

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