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April 21, 2010 2 Comments
Kevin Tomlinson

Kevin Tomlinson

This week’s predictions:

1. The most exciting race will be: The late model feature. Points start this week, bay-bee.

2. Best bet to rebound in the late models: Defending track champ Lonnie Bailey has had a brutal first two weeks. He’s due for a break.

3. Best bet to rebound in the modifieds: Tony Dunker was 11th in last week’s feature. No. 4 is normally running near the front when the checkers fall.

4. Best bet to rebound in the stock cars: Kevin Tomlinson had a rare DNF last Sunday. I doubt if we see two in a row.

5. Best bet to rebound in the hobby stocks: Mike Wiley has yet to challenge for first place in a feature. I have a feeling this is the week.

6. Class most likely to see an uptick in car count: The modifieds. The last time the mods had back-to-back weeks of car counts below 20 was August 2008.

7. The most improved hobby stock driver this season will be: Brian Hoener.

8. The most improved stock car driver this season will be: Andrew Griffin.

9. The most improved modified driver this season will be: James Leffew.

10. The most improved late model driver this season will be: Bill Genenbacher.

Positions improved in features

Late models
Denny Woodworth, 14 positions
Justin Reed, 14
Nick Ingalls, 6
Mark Burgtorf, 5
Jason Frankel, 5

Shawn Deering, 11
Jerry Lierly, 10
Vance Wilson, 7
Gary Wilson, 6
Robbie Reed, 6

Stock cars
Jeff Mueller, 7
Abe Huls, 5
Terry Houston, 4
Andrew Griffin, 3
Three with 1

Hobby stocks
Travis Booher, 12
Bobby Anders, 11
Steve Carlin, 10
Mike Wiley, 6
Nathan Anders, 4
Larry W. Powell, 4

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  1. Daniel Cook says:

    Nominating song………Roadhouse Blues The Doors

  2. Daniel Cook says:

    Nominating song

    “Roadhouse Blues” by The Doors

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