This week’s predictions for Sunday night at the Bullring

April 27, 2010 6 Comments
Hopefully, the raindrops will stay away Sunday night.

Hopefully, the raindrops will stay away Sunday night.

Sunday night forecast for the Bullring:

1. Why do I think there might be some fireworks surrounding the hobby stock division? Barring engine problems, I’m picking Bobby Anders to win a third straight feature. Other than that, I have no idea what’s going to happen in this all-of-a-sudden volatile class.

2. We will be extremely lucky to not be rained out for the second straight week — judging by those extended weather forecasts — and for the third time in five tries.

3. If we are able to race, I doubt if the track will need watered.

4. If Tony Dunker makes his long-awaited late model debut, I predict the car will be in the running of this blog’s annual ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man Award. Dunker always fields a sweet-looking ride. I’m predicting a black and green theme. (For the record, I have no idea, so if it shows up black and green I expect full credit for this prediction.)

5. Retired flagman Steve Blickhan will make an appearance and be heard to say at least once., “Yeah, I miss it.”quincy-raceways-logo-white_sm6

6. Jeff Mueller will win the stock car feature.

7. If all of the late model guys are on hand, my pick for the faeture is Jason Frankel — if he doesn’t lose another piece of that spoiler.

8. Justin Reed will win the modified main event.

9. The modified dash will grow to become one of the weekly schedule’s most anticipated events once fans get accustomed to what’s on the line. The top two or three in each heat (depending on the number of heats) qualify for the dash to determine the starting lineup for the first three (or four) rows of the feature. It’s a great idea.

10. There will be 17 late models in the pits, if my math is correct.

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  1. jim powell says:

    it would be nice to see steve back and as far as the hobbys it could get real nobody nos what may happen see ya at the races

  2. flyby says:

    Yep Anders,Frankel and Mueller. But reed? You forget that the 18 car races at Quincy? lol


  3. luvracing says:

    In my opinion, J Reed is coming back this year and is gonna be longs competitiion the whole way! Good Luck JR

  4. rizzle says:

    Im commenting on the modified best looking car award if im not mistaking Mr. Dirt you had the 2 car of Trent Grotz being 1 of the best looking cars in the mall show. I know myself races the car on Sunday, but for some reason im not in the poll. Was just wondering on how you came up with the drivers you did, but im sure my Dad will win anyway after all who ever Four Q Signs is, they really know how to make a car look really good. Good job Four Q on Steve’s and the boys #2 car.

  5. seighinger says:

    Geez … it’s good to a get a comment other than about the hobby stock wars! Here’s what I wrote concerning your car at the mall show:

    ” Trent Grotz will be sporting an entirely new blue look for his No. 2 and might offer a challenge to Tony Dunker for The Herald-Whig’s annual “ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man Award” for the best-looking car among the modifieds. Dunker was not on hand at this year’s mall show because his 2010 entry is not yet finished.”

    There are just so many quality looking mods this year and it was tough to narrow it to 10 for the poll (that’s as many entries as the poll can handle). I didn’t mean to slight you in any way — your car is sharp. And so are four or five others I couldn’t include — unfortunately!

    I honestly have no idea who I’m going to choose for the ZZ Top award. I usually like to see all the cars two or three weeks before I name the ZZ Top and Most Improved Look winners.

  6. TEAM4FAN says:

    10-4 on the “HOBBY STOCK WARS” STEVIE ! ! ! ! ,, those guys are makin it really interesting ….

    as far as racing predictions go , i forgot who half of those guys are , (frikken rain) i’m thinkin we need to put some graphics on a couple sea-dos & run em around the pits this week

    still pullin for my boy FORREST tho , altho i really would like to see the boss’s car in victory lane once too … gonna hav to pik mr. Broksiek in the stocks , and JR in the lates ……

    == SKIPP

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