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We’ve had quite a bit of discussion– and voting — here recently concerning best looking hobby stocks and stock cars (modifieds and late models are to come). So I thought I’d offer up my picks again for the five best looking cars of the 2000-09 decade. These were included in our racing “team” of the decade last November in The Herald-Whig.

What do you think? Any that you think should have been included over some of these? Let’s start another discussion that does not include hwther or not Bobby Anders’ hobby stock is legal (sorry, I couldn’t resist) … quincy-raceways-logo-white_sm7


1. Jamie Wilson, 2002 late model: Wilson always had a knack for preparing sharp looking cars and this was arguably his finest effort. A green, black and silver color scheme made it stand out in brilliant fashion.

2. Mark Burgtorf, 2000 late model: Burgtorf unveiled a blue “outlaw” car on occasion that season and it was dazzling. Burgtorf normally drove a red car (until bringing out a white ride in 2009), but the 2000 blue late model was one of the decade’s most spectacular from a cosmetic point of view.

3. Todd Reichert, 2005 hobby stock: Reichert combined a sleek silver body with a green No. 2 modeled after Rusty Wallace’s NASCAR hot rod.

4. Tony Dunker, 2009 modified: Dunker, who has won four Herald-Whig ZZ Top Sharp-Dressed Man awards in his career for the best-looking modifieds, may have showcased his best effort in 2009. Dunker’s jet black car was highlighted with green/white decals and numbers. The shamrocks were a nice touch, too.

5. Ryan Meyer, 2001 modified: Meyer’s cars have always been known for their flourescent colors, normally combining purple, green and orange in some sort of eye-catching sheet metal landscape. This was the car that set the tone for the rest of the decade.

Jeff Mueller

Jeff Mueller


There’s a much better forecast now for the weekend, one that might allow some Sunday night action at the Bullring. If that materializes, all four classes will be involved in points racing. The late model points opener was washed out last week, but the other three classes all have two weeks of points runs to  their credit.

There’s always a little extra buzz when points are involved, and in recent years has there been a more exciting track for close championship races?There have been 17 track titles in the past 35 years at Qujincy decided by 9 points or less — and eight have come in the last two years. Here’s a look at those close calls:

Year, class, drivers
, stock cars, Jeff Mueller def. Chris Wibbell by 0 points (title decided my most features won when Mueller and Wibbell tied in points).
2008, modifieds, Michael Long def. Tony Dunker by 1 point.
2008, hobby stocks, Aaron Brocksieck def. Wes Mayfield by 1 point.
2007, hobby stocks, Todd Reichert def. Steve Carlin by 1 point.
1998, “B” modifieds, Gary Dreyer def. Joe Hooper by 1 point.
2006, hornets, Steven DeLonjay def. James Leffew by 2 points.
2004, “A” modifieds, Hank DeLonjay def. Michael Long by 2 points.
1983, pure stock, Jeff Klingele def. Hal Roach by 2 points.
2007, hornet, Steven DeLonjay def. Levi Long by 3 points.
1998, “A” modifieds, Sam Burgtorf def. Hank DeLonjay by 3 points.
2004, late model, Lonnie Bailey def. Brent Slocum by 4 points.
2009, stock cars, Abe Huls def. Kevin Tomlinson by 5 points.
2009, late models, Lonnie Bailey def. Justin Reed by 6 points.
1989, “A’ modifieds, Darin Walker def. Sonny Smyser by 6 points.
1984, sportsman, Hank DeLonjay def. Lonnie Bailey by 6 points.
2006, modifieds, Robbie Reed def. Hank DeLonjay by 7 points.
2009, hobby stocks, Steve Carlin def. Jim Powell by 9 points.


With all of the wet — and then windy — weather we’ve had over the past two weeks, the track should be in excellent condition Sunday night if that rain out west waits until Monday to arrive. That means we could see some of the fastest times at the track challenged.

Jepp Van Wormer (55)

Jepp Van Wormer (55)

What a difference a year makes when talking about the condition of the racing surface. Remember the spring of 2009 when those ruts were major problems at both ends of the track? So far this year no problems.


1. Jeep Van Wormer, 78.284 (July 3,2009), UMP TRACK RECORD
2. Justin Reed, 74.295 (Aug. 30, 2009), IMCA TRACK RECORD
3. Lonnie Bailey, 74.127 (May 10, 2009), IMCA
4. Jason Frankel, 72.717 (Aug. 31,2008), IMCA
5. Mark Burgtorf, 72.656 (Sept. 6, 2009) IMCA


1. Michael Long, 71.170 (Aug. 30, 2009), UMP
2. Justin Reed, 70.441 (July 12, 2009), UMP
3-tie. Steven DeLonjay, 69.791 (May 17, 2009), UMP
3-tie. Michael Long, 69.791 (May 10, 2009), UMP
5. Michael Long, 69.735 (April 10, 2008)


1. Terry Houston, 65.603 (Aug. 30, 2009)
2. Shawn Johnson, 64.393 (July 3, 2009)
3. Chris Wibbell, 63.376 (May 17,2009)
4. Kevin Tomlinson, 63.342 (May 10, 2009)
5. Aaron Brocksieck, 63.085 (July 26,2009)

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    James Leffew’s modified should be on the survey for best looking modified i think. Sharp looking car.

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