Not enough rain to wash out IMCA Stock Car Shootout

June 27, 2010 6 Comments

Quincy Raceways issued this press release Sunday.

“Only a small amount of rain has fallen at Quincy Raceways as of 10:45 a.m. this morning. The track and pit area are in very good shape with no standing water. We are watching the radar closely and will update status for tonight’s Tri-State IMCA Stock Car Shootout every hour on the track hotline.

“As it stands now, it looks like we should be in good shape to race tonight if no other serious rain develops. Please check the track hotline at (217) 224-4100 or the track office phone at (217) 224-3843, both of which have a capacity of 100 phone callers at a time on the voice mail message.”

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  1. Girl Mod Fan says:

    5 buds to mr t who stuck out the rain and worked a kick ass track!! Way to go owner man!!!

    4 buds to Justin reed and his comment on mrs t trying to crack a joke

    3 buds to denny for whipping some butt!

    2 buds for all the fans that stuck it out


  2. Girl Mod Fan says:

    1 bud for Mr Skipp dunker!!!!

  3. Bula says:

    Awesome race track after the rain ! Why was there tractors on the track at 5:30 instead of race cars ? Don’t think they have started racing at 5:30 yet this year ! Stock car feature what a joke ! Why can’t officials make consistant calls ? Did Mueller scare everybody off and then come and take the 1000 ? Good run Jeff ! No wonder they are losing more and more cars every week. Think the management better take a look at things and try to find a passion for racing instead of passion for putting money in there pocket. Well just had to vent a little, waiting for Skipps reply ! By the way who is making the calls on the track ? Doug Meally, Doug Miller , or whoever decides to say something first over the radio ? Why was the 04A put to the back for spinning to avoid and then a few laps later the same thing happen and they didn’t put anybody to the the back ? Also why was Abe Huls put to the back when he spun when the caution was already out for Griffin being stuck on the tire ? Answers anyone ? Maybe I saw things through Skipps beer googgles ! LOL !

  4. moracefan says:

    Everyone is getting sick of the bs calls including the fans – hints why there is hardly anyone in the stands anymore and car count is going down weekly. Funny how the score board says one thing and the 18 car passes 4 cars on the yellow???

  5. bullringfan says:

    What a joke of a “shootout”. Should have been called the tri-state CRASH OUT. Sucked on ice is putting it mildly. My brother asked me how long it would be before we saw more than one or two green flag laps. I said when there are about 10 cars left on the track. I didn’t realize how close to right I was!!

  6. Bula says:

    Where are ya Skipp ? We need some excitement ! Your not going to win the gold medal if you don’t chat with us.

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