Quincy late model drivers continue domination at Iowa tracks

June 28, 2010 10 Comments

Quincy Raceways regulars could sweep the late model titles — again — at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa, and Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Iowa.

Mark Burgtorf

Justin Reed leads at 34 Raceway, where Bullring drivers have won the last three titles, while Mark Burgtorf tops the points at Lee County, where he is defending champion.

Reed leads Gary Russell in the West Burlington points pursuit 82-80, while Joey Gower sits third with 77.

Burgtorf (148) has an 11-point advantage over Boone McLaughlin (137) at Lee County. Reed (136) and Denny Woodworth (135) are third and fourth, respectively.

34 RACEWAY LATE MODEL TRACK CHAMPS (during IMCA era, since 1998)
2009: Lonnie Bailey

2008: Jason Frankel
2007: Lonnie Bailey

2006: Gary Russell
2005: Rob Toland
2004: Brent Slocum
2003: Boone McLaughlin
2002: Gary Russell
2001: Gary Russell
2000: Boone McLaughlin
1999: Chris Smyser
1998: Jeff Laue

2009: Mark Burgtorf
2008: Jay Johnson
2007: Tom Darbyshire
2006: no late models
2005: no late models
2004: Lonnie Bailey
2003: Tommy Elston
2002: Tommy Elston
2001: Tommy Elston
2000: Tommy Elston
1999: Mark Burgtorf
1998: Mark Burgtorf

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  1. just a fan says:

    WoooHooo! Keep up the good work boys. It ain’t easy but someones gotta do it. I pick Ya’ll.

  2. bullringfan says:

    speaking of Iowa,I may have the chance to go to Donnellson Thursday or Friday night. Which night would be better? Thursday they are running $1000 to win IMCA stock cars and modifeds. Hobby stocks also. Friday night they are running Late models,305 sprints,sport mods and 4 cylinders. Kind of hard to make up my mind. I would like to see the stock car shootout and modifieds but want to see the late models Friday night also. Yeah,I know,go both nights. Don’t think that will be possible lol. Any suggestions from people with experience on seeing these classes of cars run at this track would be appreciated. I haven’t Been to Donnellson in about 10 years,so my memory of how good the racing in different classes there is not very good.

  3. just a fan says:

    friday for sure. unless your a huge long or foster fan.

  4. Girl Mod Fan says:

    Friday for sure!!! Enjoy their canned beers! Their Hilarious announcers and there great racing… Just watch put for the kamakozie death bugs that want to get you!!!!

  5. downlow says:

    Thursday will be some great racing with cars from 4-5 maybe 6 states. Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and maybe more. You will see some of the best Stock car and Modified drivers in the Nation. You can see the Late Models, Sprint cars, or Sportmods weekly. But you won’t be able to see a Stock car or Modified race like this for the rest of the year unless you go on a road trip. I’m guessing the Hobby stock feature alone on Thursday will be worth the price of admission.

  6. downlow says:

    I’m guessing the Kamikaze death bugs mentioned about, are aka mormon flies.

  7. Budman says:

    Burgtorf was leading the Deery brothers race at Independence tonight and the lapped car of Callahan wrecked him. Rob Toland wins. Guss gets a top 10. Bye bye Deery Brothers points championship for Burgtorf.

  8. bullringfan says:

    Not sure if anybody is still following this topic since it is on the second page,but what is the best way to get to donnellson? the Missouri side up highway 61 or 96 up the IL side? would like to miss as many towns as possible. As far as Burgtorf getting taken out,it’s not over yet. The next deery race,the other leaders could get taken out or have mechanical issues.

  9. Whoops says:

    Take 61. going on 96 takes about 1.5 hours. But if you get caught by a barge add 15-20 minutes

  10. just a fan says:

    That’s right little buddy, you tell em the B mistro is down but not out. Missouri way takes only 50 minutes all hwy till Donnelson.

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