Close battle for second behind early leader Dieker

July 27, 2010 3 Comments

Eddie Dieker continues to dominate online as he did on track.

Dieker is a runaway leader in the early “laps” of the Ultimate Feature, a week-long online vote for who race fans think would win a main event consisting of the all-time top 10-ranked drivers in the hobby stock class at the Bullring

Right now, the most interesting “racing” is occurring for the runner-up spot behind Dieker, who had 60.1 percent of the balloting as of 9:06 a.m. Tuesday. Take a look at the battle for second:

Eddie Dieker, 60.1 percent
Harold Ketchum, 10.9 percent
Steve Carlin, 7.3 percent
Junior Tuggle, 7.3 percent
Adam Birck, 5.5 percent

It’s interesting to see the strong showings by Ketchum and Tuggle, both of whom raced in the early days of the series. Voting continues through noon on Monday, Aug. 2. In the coming weeks, modified and late model drivers will be in their own Ultimate Features.

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  1. just a fan says:

    Totally not relevant but I think by the time we get to race again I could learn to build one of those little modidieds. They’re cute! At least by the time my little man is 5. Do they have how to videos I do better with pictures.

  2. seighinger says:

    Just A Fan,

    I’m thinkin’ that’s probably not gonna happen. You might wanna work on that flying thing, though.

  3. just a fan says:

    I could learn to fly and build a car I’m sure it’s really hard but with enough pictures and duct tape I bet I can do it. Oh and a couple of cases of beer.

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