Despite limited amount of runs, Long could crack top 10 lists

July 30, 2010 1 Comment

Michael Long is chasing some impressive win totals. (Photo courtsy of Danny Howk.)

Not that Michael Long’s domination at Quincy Raceways needs any additional vindication to support the claim he is the top modified driver in the region, but consider this: Despite the fact he has not run every week at QR this season, and despite the fact there have been almost as many cancellations (7) as shows (9), Long has a decent chance of producing one of the top 10 single-season victory totals since such numbers started being tracked in1999.

Long has won 12 races in the seven Sunday nights he has participated this summer. That figure includes six feature victories, three heats wins and three dash triumphs. That total also comes with an asterisk, because he wrecked one of those weeks, cutting his night short.

There are five weeks of points racing remaining, starting Sunday (weather permitting … yeah I know, bad joke) and ending Aug. 29. There are also four Sunday nights now scheduled in September, for a maximum of nine nights of racing still to go.

So consider this:

— Long needs seven more victories for a top-10 win total. He’s currently averaging 1.7 wins for his first seven appearances, but if you throw out the week he crashed he’s averaging 2.0. And since he has shown no signs of slowing down, you do the math. If Long is at the track two-thirds of those scheduled nine nights, there’s a real possibility he could collect 10-14 more victories, pushing his victory total to at or near the 25 level. Twenty-four wins and above would put him in the top five. Oh, and did we mention that he already owns the top two single-season win figures of 36 (2007) and 35 (2008)?

— Long’s six feature victories are three shy of a top-10 placement. And remember, he has won all six features he has run this season at Quincy. There are nine nights of racing left, and if he wins seven features he will tie his own record (16) for most checkered flags in a season. This could be really interesting if he opts to run his home track a lot during the final two months.


Michael Long, modifieds, 36, 2007
Michael Long, modifieds, 35, 2008
Mark Burgtorf, late models, 28, 2006
Hank DeLonjay, “A” modifieds, 25, 2006
Mark Burgtorf, late models, 24, 2007
Wyatt Lantz, “B modifieds, 24, 2004
Steve Carlin, hobby stocks, 23, 2007
Hank DeLonjay, “A” modifieds, 23, 2005
Tony Dunker, “B” modifieds, 21, 2005
Mark Burgtorf, late models, 20, 2002
Wyatt Lantz, “B” modifieds, 19, 2005


Michael Long, modifieds, 16, 2007
Michael Long, modifieds, 15, 2008
Mark Burgtorf, late models, 13, 2006
Steve Carlin, bombers, 12, 2007
Jeff Mueller, stock cars, 9, 2008
Adam Birck, bombers, 9, 2006
Wyatt Lantz, “B” modifieds, 9, 2005
Hank DeLonjay, “A” modifieds, 9, 2005
Eddie Dieker, bombers, 9, 2004
Mark Burgtorf, late models, 9, 2003

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