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July 31, 2010 7 Comments

National IMCA Late Model Point Standings
Through July 29
1. Ray Guss Jr., Milan, Ill., 793
2. Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown, Iowa, 758
3. Todd Cooney, Bondurant, Iowa, 751
4. Terry Neal, Ely, Iowa, 743
5. Cory Goldbeck, Camanche, Iowa, 716
6. Matt Ryan, Davenport, Iowa, 712
7. Al Johnson, Story City, Iowa, 700
8. Nate Beuseling, Silvis, Ill., 699
9. Rob Toland, Davenport, Iowa, 695
10. Ryan Griffith, Webster City, Iowa, 691
Other notables
17. Justin Reed, Quincy, Ill., 583
19. Dennis Woodworth, Mendon, Ill., 565

Deery Brothers Summer Series Points Standings
Through July 30

1. Ray Guss Jr., Milan, Ill., 480
2. Andy Eckrich, Iowa City, Iowa, 409
3. Jeff Aikey, Waterloo, Iowa, 404
4. Terry Neal, Ely, Iowa, 400
5. Jeremiah Hurst, Dubuque, Iowa, 382
6. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, Ill., 375
7. Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown, Iowa, 373
8. Tom Darbyshire, Morning Sun, Iowa, 359
9. Tyler Bruening, Decorah, Iowa, 348
10. Kevin Blum, Colona, Ill., Iowa, 340
Other notables
15. Boone McLaughlin, Mediapolis, Iowa, 300
19. Matt Strassheim, West Burlington, Iowa, 282
20. Rob Toland, Davenport, Iowa, 281

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  1. Tim says:

    Looks like Mark gave up on the Deery series. This could mean we will see him every Sunday here on out! WE CAN ONLY HOPE!

  2. mikebegleyjr says:

    Well were 3 fro 3 at Moberly now were coming for you.

  3. flyby says:

    He broke both his IMCA spec motors. You wont see him at Quincy. He is going to run some more big motor shows

  4. mikebegleyjr says:

    Well im talking about David holder. All I can tell ya is were testing at quincy. David is 3 for 3 in moberly.

  5. mikebegleyjr says:

    All i can say is we got a Extreme engine.

  6. flyby says:

    I was referring to Tim. I don’t know who you are talking to

  7. bullringfan says:

    Holder has been to Quincy Before,can’t say that I am that impressed with how good he ran.

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