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July 28, 2010 8 Comments

Another week, another great bunch of contributors. Keep up the good work:

Gold medal: “Just A Fan” had me laughing out loud a few times in the past week. And if she ever flies a plane I’m never leaving the house again. (Hmmm … I’m just thinking out loud, but I wonder if there has ever been a blonde pilot? I’m just sayin’ … )

Silver medal: “teambailey fan” and the whole photo thing was extremely funny, especially the final explanation.

Bronze medal: “Jake the Snake” only had one post over the past week, but it was hilarious. Hey Jake, I hate to fish, too.

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  1. teambaileyfan says:

    cue music— appropriately the olympics theme

    I walk towards the podium-
    clear my throat-
    wait for the applause to die down (should take about 30 secs, no wait they’re still standing)

    As i start to begin my speech , i stop and wonder why i didn’t recieve the gold medal although, i and everyone know who the rightful owner is, myself….but i digress

    speech beginning ssshhhhhhh

    I am here to today to accept this award bestowed upon myself
    although it is most truly deserved, i still recieve in the most humbleset form,
    this honor will be cherished, along with other notable merits that have been
    given to me over the years, namely the ” most uncomplimentory word usage award, yes also
    known as the “WHAT THE ^4@#&9j ARE YOU THINKING, THAT GUY SPUN MY GUY,” or simply the
    “WTF award with accompaning hand gesture. Other mementos are, Largest cup stack award,
    Most Vulgar Person 74,77,81,83,89,97 01,04, 07 and i’m in the running this year, thats right
    the MVP award. I also recieved other accolades for falling down, spilling beer on myself and
    others, and scratching, the last three were more of an honoralbe mention.

    In conclusion, I accept this award, not only for myself but for the hundreds, nay thousands
    of Stevie Dirt fans and readers, who try as they may , haven’t recieved this award and probably
    never will. Mostly because of contributors such as myself.
    I’m almost out of time they’re cueing the music, I’d like to thank Stevie dirt, the academy,
    Budweiser, Band-Aid, Bayer, Solo, Quincy Raceways, my parents, God, and Hope Cerna.
    But most of all i want to thank you, the race fans, for helping me up after i fall and not hitting
    or kicking me when i’m down…. a heartfelt thanks

    Yours Most Humbly

    walks out to a standing ovationand thunderous applause

  2. just a fan says:

    Team Bailey shorter speech next time. Stevie after I get my pilots licesense Ima take you flying. Don’t be scared it’ll be fun. Depends are optional.

  3. Girl Mod Fan says:

    And I will be the flight attendant!!! Whoot Whoot!! Come on Stevie!

  4. teambaileyfan says:

    i’ll think about the brevity, and there will be a next time

  5. just a fan says:

    Stevie it was the mullet coment that got me to the top huh.

  6. bullringfan says:

    teambaileyfan: do you write speeches for the President? Because as I was reading you bloviating on yourself, I could picture Obama up there talking himself up about all he has (not really) accomplished. The only things missing were about 20 ummmms and uhhhhs,and you had it nailed!! lol 🙂

  7. wayne says:

    that was funny as hell!!!!!! im voteing for teambailyfan every week now.

  8. ladyteam4fan says:

    teambaileyfan….I fell asleep….could you repeat that?? LOL LOL

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