Here’s the lowdown for Sunday night at the Bullring

September 27, 2010 16 Comments

Hawaii Five-O is over, so here’s the scoop for what Sunday night’s lineup will offer:

The ILMO Lightning Mini Sprints will be part of a schedule that also includes late models, modifieds, stock cars and hobby stocks. Keep reading, because there are some special rules for most of the events.

The Mini Sprint event is a first for the track, with more than 20 of the 1000cc to 1205cc powered winged midgets expected to be on hand for a purse that guarantees at least $400 to win for 20 or more cars registered to race. There are more event specifics listed on the flyer posted on the Quincy Raceways website at

The late model shootout will pay $1,000 to win for 15 or more cars entered and $700 to win for 14 or fewer cars entered. This special event will feature cars from the IMCA late models, UMP Pro Crate late models series and possibly cars that race under the ULMA sanctioning body rules. Specific rules concerning tires and weights can also be found at the track’s website.

The UMP modifieds will race for $500 to win and $115 to start, plus UMP national, region and state points.

The hobby stocks and stock cars will also be participating in another special as the two classes will be combined, along with the Lee County Speedway and 34 Raceway hobby stocks in a event that will pay $400 to Win and $65 to Start. The Quincy 9:1 360ci hobby stocks may run any two- or four-barrel carburetor and must pump and whistle to their usual specifications. The Lee County and 34 Raceway hobby stocks must be legal to their respective track’s rules. The IMCA stock cars must compete under the normal IMCA rules. Any Quincy hobby stocks that do not want to use the 9:1 360ci engine may compete under the Lee County and 34 Raceway hobby stock rules.

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  1. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    This outta be interesting come Sunday nite!!!! Should be fun and hopefully a b-main or 2 in the mixed class!!!

  2. GMF says:

    Im dying my hair tonight…. Gosh I hope it gives us the luck of racing!!! Man I wanna race!! Im going thru withdrawls like im on a diet!! Ugh!!! Throw some dirt at me, drive around in circles a few times, give me something!!

  3. just a fan says:

    Hey, when did I become track promoter?

  4. just a fan says:

    I saw 5-0 for the first time last night. Is it youe’re favorite cause they say dude and have a chick fight in the pool. So sunday are we pretty much saying no rules bring what ya got and roll with it?

  5. seighinger says:

    it’s dance with the one who brung ya.

  6. canman says:

    Stock Cars Vs. Hobby Stocks oooooo boy this is gonna be a good one. Who do you guys think will win. Hobby stock or Stock Car?

  7. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    I don’t know but boy we are ready!!! Let’s get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEE!

  8. DAVE MOORE #97CREW. says:


  9. mad mable says:

    that moore guy don’t know (anything). if i was gmf or jaf i wouldn’t consider him a good buddy of mine.

  10. Girl Stock Car Fan says:

    WOW this is the DUMBEST thing I have EVER heard!!! Stockcars verse Hobbystocks sounds like a bunch of tore up (crap)!!!! Bet they won’t have many Stockcars! If you want to run with them then you should build one!!!

  11. flyby says:

    Stock cars have a major advantage.

  12. DAVE MOORE#97CREW says:


  13. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    flyby i beleive you are right….and so do the outlaw hobby stocks….the 9.1’s can run a 4barrel and if they get hooked up they could just steal the show…

  14. jrb says:

    let the hobbies start up front, with the one groove track ,you don’t know,…Jeff

  15. flyby says:

    The outlaw hobby stocks have a big disadvantage in handling. You can adjust more on the stock cars and the stock cars have a lighter clutch assembly. If a stock car doesn’t win I will laugh all the way home. Clarification- Houston is better than a 12th place car at Quincy. Heck only 8 or 9 cars show up. Go to any other track and if you get a top 8 you should consider it a victory because you got lucky. If you get a top 5 (VERY unlikely), you should buy a powerball ticket on the way home because a lot of fast cars broke in front of you.


    Love, FLYBY 🙂

  16. fan says:

    Sounds like a waste of fuel for tht race to me, a lil unfair, could at least give stock cars a big weight penalty an make it a fair race, other than tht thats ridiclous

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