Saturday showers … great, just great

September 25, 2010 5 Comments

So … what are the odds we are racing Sundayafternoon? What’s the old joke again? Slim and none, and slim just left town? That sounds pretty accurate as I look outside my front window at the wet street and standing water.

Look for a decision relatively early Sunday since this is supposed to be one of the 4:30 p.m. starts, which we have yet to experience because of rainouts the past two weeks.

Look at the bright side. It’s only six months until the April 2011 season opener!

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  1. bullringfan says:

    I hate to agree with you stevie,but I would say the only racing tomorrow is going to be the NASCAR race on tv,so my advice is to drink lots of beer,watch the race,and maybe by the time the race is over we can be drunk enough that the cars look like they are sliding around the corners and throwing dirt like the late models do!! LOL:) I know speed channel shows some dirt races,but not near enough!! If they showed a dirt race every week at the same time they showed NASCAR,I would be watching the dirt race every time!!

  2. GMF says:

    I got my pit crew duck, and my racer duck ready!! Lets go boys!!!

  3. bullringfan says:

    not trying to beat Stevie to the draw,but racing has been canceled for tonight!!:(

  4. ladyteam4fan says:

    Okay, my husband and I leave next week for Colorado (we have spent the winters there for many years). I have to say….I don’t remember ever leaving while the races are still going on!! I think Tony is going to have to just say “enough is enough” or future races will have to be cancelled due to SNOW!
    Have a great winter everyone….see you at the races in the Spring….hopefully it will be a DRY spring next year! : )

  5. mad mable says:

    flash-season opener 2011 races xxx to wet and cold.

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