Sunday night show rained out — again

September 26, 2010 6 Comments

Too much rain in recent days has forced cancellation of Sunday night’s scheduled event at Quincy Raceways. This marks three straight rainouts in what was supposed to be the “extended season.”

Look for word later todayabout information for the Oct. 3 show.

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  1. shannon says:

    Bummer . . . not so much!!!!! Michael Long had a GREAT weekend of racing in Granite city for the Modified Mania, 72 Mods Thursday night, started 10th finished 2nd, 62 Mods Friday, started 11th running 4th and broke shock and 64 Mods Saturday and WON!!!! So for those of you say if Michael is so good why does he race quincy only and not go to the big show, I say “IN YOUR FACE”!!!!!! A big Kuddos to Tammy and Kevin who own/promote Tri City, they put on a hell of a show!! The fasted Chicken in Quincy is now the Fastest Chicken in the Granite city too, you should see him FLY!!!

  2. terry houston says:

    congrats to the 18 car , michael long ,last night at pontoon beach . not so good for mark b. came in at 21st?

  3. fan418 says:

    Donovan Lodge and Dave Wietholder were the only other QR racers there. Dave rolled Friday night, destroyed the car, but thank God, he is okay. Donovan blew Thursday but came back to try again. Where were all the big talkers????? I agree about Kevin and Tammy…QR could take lessons from them!! Awesome job. Can’t wait till next year!! Not only is Michael a winner (in more ways than one!!) at Qr, he can outrun even current and past UMP mod drivers. Way to go Michael. You are one he!! of a driver!!!!! Next……Knoxville, Iowa…..yes, he does race other places than QR…and WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Danny Rosencrans says:

    Congrats Michael, also Rickey Frankel, Mark Burgtorf, and Dustin Griffin for making the LM show, Jason Frankel had a transfer locked up but got bitten by the wall. Despite the rain delay, it was a good night of racing!


  5. Qcy Godfather says:

    Michael is the modern day Stroker Ace. But instead of The Fastest Chicken In The South he is The Fastest Chicken In The Midwest.

  6. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    We are so READY to race SOMEWHERE!!!! We tried our hand in something new and wanna see if it’s gonna work…just a hint….1 less hobby stock and 1 added stock car the next time we race!!! READY to have some fun!!!

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