Tanner Klingele making move to Team 4?

September 27, 2010 16 Comments

Negotiations continue between Team 4 officials and young Tanner Klingele, the 15-year-old, second-year hobby stock driver. Well, actually, most of the negotiations are with Tanner’s parents, former track champ Jeff Klingele and mom Teresa.

Team 4 patriarch Tony Dunker said he would eventually like to put Tanner in a third modified, but 2011 might see the youngster in a stock car as a stepping stone.

Nothing is firm at this point, but this will be one of the off-season stories worth watching. Tanner’s family might want him to spend one more season in a hobby stock and there would be nothing wrong with that.

Team 4 expanded in 2009 when it added Justin Reed as its second modified driver and he won the track championship that season. Dunker has two track titles to his credit and is one of four drivers to win 100 races in his career at 8000 Broadway since 1999.

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  1. terry houston says:

    stevie,are we still awaiting the anouncement that was going to be made later in the day on sunday about the combination of the hobbys and the stock car,or have i missed it or is it par for the course

  2. GMF says:

    Go for it Tanner that would be awesome to see!!!

  3. seighinger says:


    I just got the info a little while ago … gotta finish watching Hawaii Five-O first!

  4. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    O now come on Steve….Either way the 48j is ROCKIN’ READY!

  5. teambaileyfan says:

    tanner , you are a stud, and one heck of a soccer player…take care of him skippy

  6. GMF says:

    Skipp buy the boy a cheeseburger or two… and teach him the bump and run lol

  7. luvracing says:

    The kids came such a long way from when he first started taking his first few turns at the bullring a couple years ago! Go for it bud and good luck! :))

  8. Tanner Klingele says:

    WELL….. No modified for me. Looking forword to a third year in the hobby stock class. Teambaileyfan thanks for the compliment.

  9. Qcy Godfather says:

    Bullring Silly Season has begun.

  10. Mike Meyer Jr. says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to field one car that is competitive? I think that Justin is a great driver but he didn’t seem to have the car to get the job done this year.

  11. TEAMFOURBOSS says:

    Mike Meyer Jr, how is it that you know so little but say so much?
    We are actually having a TEAM FOUR meeting at the end of the month in regards to the 2011 season. Would you like a seat? Your suggestions are not desired nor required in our team decisions.
    Both cars are competitive unless you miss the races at Quincy.
    Justin is a great driver, competing against other great drivers. As far as the car to get the job done? He had the same car, engine and equal if not better suspension parts. Its called competition, didja notice it in the late models this year to? Jimmie Johnson has won four straight Cup Championships. Does that mean Jeff Gordon sucks and Rick Hendrick should park one of his cars?
    TEAM FOUR has been grateful to have the sponsor and support to field two (competitive) cars at the same track on the same nite, yes it is alot of work but i will also remind you that neither of the TEAM FOUR cars left the shop unprepared or with a lack of performance parts on them.
    We have a great engine program with Tims Machine Shop and relationship with Kelly Shryock who builds our cars.
    In 2009 we added the 2nd car hoping to make a better show for you the fans and I think we accomplished that and I hope we can continue to field two cars in the up coming season and along with the other top drivers in the class, continue to put on a good show for all.
    Thanks for coming out and watching us do what we love & live for.

    T Dunker

  12. GMF says:

    Hey mr dunker… I think we all can drink to that!!!

  13. just a fan says:

    Stevie did you put that up just cause people like to hate and pick on Team4. Well Said boss of team4. qI do believe that was his first blog. Not bad for a blogging virgin. During mid-season we heard rumors of acquiring a Wilson. Did that fall thru? Know he’s had a pretty good season running other places but think he would make a nice addition. See no obstacles for Sunday. Let’s race I got my beer bunny and my snuggie ready and my sister and stand by incase i need body heat.

    P.S. Eat it JJ. Five is not gonna happen this year. I believe I believe

  14. TEAM4FAN says:

    WELL SAID BOSS !!!!!!

    == SKIPP

  15. Mike Meyer Jr. says:

    I agree that you have a great crew. By the looks of your car at the end of the races most weeks, you definately keep them busy.

  16. TEAM4FAN says:


    == SKIPP

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