Ten signs that you know racing season is nearing an end

September 28, 2010 11 Comments

1. Hot chocolate is being sold at the concession stand.

2. Tony Dunker, Brandon Brown and Justin Reed are talking about the latest episode of “Rubicon” on Sunday nights, rather than what just happened in a heat race.

3. Denny Woodworth knows he won’t be referred to as the “late model lawyer” again until next April.

4. Jason Frankel won’t have someone tell him he could be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s double until next March’s mall show.

5. Ice forms in turns one and two following the pre-race watering of the track.

6. There is a sense of calm in the hobby stock pits, as opposed to the weekly fisticuffs in July and August.

7. Terry Houston and/or Dave Moore are no longer making Iowa stock car drivers mad.

8. Race fans are given a coupon that can be used toward a Thanksgiving turkey.

9. The Rev. Dennis Thomas, the unofficial track pastor, wishes all in attendance a happy holiday season before the start of the last night of racing.

10. Hope Cernea is wearing a winter jacket in victory lane.

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  1. just a fan says:

    Colorful christmas lights will be used to light the track in place of the stale yellow ones.
    The drivers will be shaking their turkey tail feathers.
    And a turkey a goose and a chicken will have a showdown in turn 3,

  2. Hobby#93 says:

    Is there any one out in race land that would like to go to knoxville saturday night? We have 3 tickets to go and can’t make it. If you would like to go free…..Let me know first come first serve.

    Adam Scott

  3. GMF says:

    We will get together a bobsledding team!!!

    Bump and run!!

  4. ladyteam4fan says:

    with all the rain and moisture we’ve had, we could have an iceskating rink in the “infield”.

    Instead of having Zippy as the mascot, we could have Tony R. dress up as the Grinch. (sorry)

    You’ll still be racing on Halloween….so we’ll have a costume contest. (of course Michael Long will probably win with his chicken suit…and he deserves it!) : )

  5. Qcy Godfather says:

    Tony will quit calling Michael Long a chicken but will be referring to him as a Turkey.

  6. ladyteam4fan says:

    Stevie….do you think you should be in charge of the Christmas gift exchange?? I’ll buy Team4 a nice orange tent…complete with a generator to run the furnace for the tailgate parties!! : )

  7. Hobby#93 says:

    WE have already got 3 takers for the knoxville race. Thanks

    Adam Scott

  8. stirrindirt says:

    stevie,forgot to mention houston (bleep) off the winning 04 crew

  9. o4 crew says:

    stirrindirt thanks for the kind words we are a good team.
    oh by the way good luck at lee county next year since houston thinks he will win the most races up there! lmao!!!

    dave”not a ford hater”

  10. racefan says:

    Steve, it[s time to start pictures again. There won’t be anything else to talk about.

  11. Mike Meyer Jr. says:

    Hank will return to his seasonal job as Santa’s little helper.

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