‘Pretty Doug’ returning as Bullring announcer

October 31, 2010 6 Comments

“Trouble in turn four!!”

That will be one of the familiar catch phrases heard again at the Bullring during the 2011 season. The friendly baritone of Doug Mealy — a.k.a “Pretty Doug” — will be returning as track announcer after spending the 2010 season as chief steward.

Management officials confirmed the move this weekend.

Mealy had been a popular figure at the track in recent seasons for his down-home approach and ability to involve fans with the races. He would regularly “pick on” certain patrons in the stands, and being a former racer himself, brought a unique approach to the position of “voice of the track.” I’m just guessing, but I think there are two particular “blonde girls” who will be popular targets of Mealy next summer.

This is another solid move in mending fences with the fans. “Pretty Doug” was arguably the most popular figure at the rack outside of the racers and his announcing and commentary were missed in 2010.

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  1. GMF says:

    Whoooooooooooooooooooooo Time to dye the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance for Dougie*

  2. TEAM4FAN says:

    T E A N ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. just a fan says:

    HipHipHooray. Except he should be nice to us we’re nice girls and we wanted him back. Love how he’s the knew rack announcer. Stevie the new improvements aren’t gonna make for boring racing are they?

  4. seighinger says:

    On the contrary, it should offer more door-to-door, side-by-side racing with drivers able to maneuver on more of the track than the just the high groove. Look at it as woman getting a new ‘do — with accents. It’s the same hair, but it looks better and provides better results.

  5. GMF says:

    Hmmm does dougie have a facebook so we can win him over now?? Geesh… we dont need ppl staring at us… we are our own show… Own planet…. lol =-D

  6. slimfit says:

    And then who does this make the Chief Steward? PLEASE DON”T TELL ME WHO I THINK IT IS!!!!!!!! I HOPE HE DOESN”T SHIFT TO THE LEFT IN THE TOWER!

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