Stock cars back in 2011; Track expands to 5 classes

October 29, 2010 12 Comments

The wait is over.

Quincy Raceways officials today announced the lineup of classes for the 2011 season:

IMCA late models
UMP modifieds
IMCA stock cars
Hobby stocks
Wild Things (four cylinders)

There were two specific surprises with that revelation, most notably the addition of a fifth class — the four-cylinder wild things. The other was bringing the stock cars back.

Much of the offseason speculation centered around the crate late models or sportmods as a possible addition to the lineup or as a replacement for the stock cars, a 3-year-old series that struggled with car counts. But the rumors about a return of the four-cylinder cars began to surface in recent weeks and seemed to be growing stronger the last few days. Those rumors obviously proved true.

The reason for opting against crate late models and/or sportmods was the fear of not being to draw enough out-of-the-immediate area cars, a problem that has dogged the stock car series at Quincy. Track officials felt the resurgence in four-cylinder classes in recent seasons at other area tracks would provide a stronger potential base for building that series. Quincy ran the four-cylinder hornets in 2006-2007, but then discontinued the class because of low car counts. The wild things/hornets, however, have been flourishing the past few years at nearby Iowa tracks in Donnellson and West Burlington.

Quincy will incorporate the same four-cylinder rules used at Donnellson.

Track officials said they still believe in the future of the stock cars and indicated the weekly average should improve in 2011, judging by the offseason input received from local drivers. I was also told several Iowa drivers, including Jeff Mueller, would return on a regular basis if the promised improvements to the track materialized.

Speaking of the track itself, the capital improvements continue. Considerable banking has been removed at both ends, and the track has also been lowered along the top in both the front and back stretches.

“Things are beginning to fall into place,” one official told me. “I’m already starting to get excited about 2011.”


Keep checking back here. We’ll have much more to report on changes for the 2011 season as they become finalized. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have to applaud those connected with the track. Drivers and fans alike needed assurance there would be improvements and changes in numerous areas for next season. Moments after the final Sunday night race earlier this month, Paul Holtschlag, part of the track’s management team, promised to all concerned that Quincy Raceways would correct the problems that had developed — and he has kept his word.

I’ve seen the list of concerns, questions and grievances that are being worked through, with the help of individuals outside the immediate circle of management. They are being addressed one by one. It’s a long list, but it’s also a long offseason and I feel much better about 2011 than I did a month ago.

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  1. GMF says:

    This makes me excited!!! The fact that they are acting on things like the track now shows to me they are serious… When it comes to racing, they get more than 2 chances with me!!! Cant wait for the winter to be over!! Bring on the cars!! Be nice to see Muller back and hopefully some of the other well known racers this next year. And with the added class I hope we get to know even more names!! =)

  2. terry houston says:

    All sound great.even the four cylinders,they need more of a entery level class,hell steven delonjay started there look how great he is to day.jeff mueller comming back?sounds like fun.cant wait, someone needs to work on Abe on comming back full time .now all we need to do is get the 4:30 start time implemented.see ya all at the baquet

  3. GMF says:

    Hmmmmm How do the blonde chicks get to the baquet…. Now thats something we can work on lmao….

  4. seighinger says:

    Blonde chicks,

    Details about that will also be announced soon. It’s always a lot of fun.

  5. bullringfan says:

    was hoping they would make the 5th class sport mods,but wild things are fun if they open up the rules.

  6. Qcy Godfather says:

    Turned on Sprint Cup qualifying today and was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Nascar Official Jim Hunter. Those of us who have been around Raceways for years will remember Jim from the track in its Nascar years. He was a frequent visitor to the bullring and was liked and admired by many. Once he found out I was a hat collector he always would bring me a new hat when he showed up. He will truly be missed in the Nascar world. Thoughts and prayers today to his family and friends.

  7. HIGHSIDE says:

    blonde calls fire dept. says “my house is on fire” fireman says ok how do we get to your house.blonde says “da big red truck”

  8. just a fan says:

    Four bangers crap I’m to big for one of those. Drat looks like another season in the stands. Look out beer here I come. Yay about Doug being announcer again.

  9. TEAM4FAN says:


    == SKIPP

  10. jim wienhoff says:

    hey steve could we get updates and photos of the quincy track changes?

  11. seighinger says:


    I’ve been trying to provide updates on what’s being done out there, just haven’t had any pictures yet. I’ll see if I can round some up this week. I’m not sure, though, if you’ll be able to tell that much through pictures at this point. It’s more noticeable by just “being there” and eyeballing the work that is going on.

  12. just a fan says:

    Joe Bliven has picks and updates on facebook

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