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November 23, 2010 13 Comments

Joe Bliven and his handy-dandy camera have provided us with some more pictures of work being done at the track.

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  1. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    WOW!!! It really looks like we have the old track back….as in old i mean a 2-3 groove FAST track!! This year might just be a GOOD one!!

  2. GMF says:

    Whooo hooooo Larsen you get a cyber high 5 for being positive!! Its so hard to find these days!!

  3. mad mable says:

    gmf what would have been done if so many of us had not taken a so called negitive stance? some times it takes a strong negitive stance to get a positive out come. lets wait and see before we get all hunky doorie.

  4. gmf says:

    Mad Mable, there is a HUGE difference between constructive criticism and whiny, crying (complaining)….. Just sayin’ its good to see HOPE and CHANGE and all that mushy good stuff…. Live it up

  5. 0carter says:

    I think what GMF is speaking of is the fact that many people who clamored for change are now hating on the changes before they even see any of the effects of them. Essentially there are people out there who are just negative, and that under no circumstance should ever be ‘ok’. Constructive criticism is encouraged and necessary, but if you hate on QR, then they change everything and you still hate on them, before the season has even started, than you are just a hater and there will never be a positive outcome from that. Best example of what I’m speaking of is this, the ‘positive’ comments on here (me included) have come from people who have been very ‘critical’ of the management in the past. That’s the difference between those who want to see the track regain some of its former glory, and those who want to hate the gates closed for good.

    Mad Mable said it best, ‘lets wait and see’

    I for one am VERY excited for next season, even more so this year as I am cautiously optimistic about the changes. Keep your head up, God Bless, and keep racing!

  6. flyby says:

    Did someone say hope?

    I can’t wait to see how the new track works out. I’m thinking it will be much better.

  7. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    Look peeps……there is a TON of work being done out there and it’s all for the better. personally i feel like we will start having those 2 wide and 3 wide finishes like we did a few years ago. Right now i am in the process of building a BRAND NEW car that will be out there running in the Hobbies this year along with my stock car…so like i said before…..I CAN’T wait!!!! If you haven’t been to quincy much then let me tell you this….the track is looking more and more like it did back in the days of FUN! So there should be some really good racing this year!!!

  8. terryhouston says:

    michael larsen i knew you would come to your senses and build a ford

  9. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    now now Terry……It’s no ford… know better than that…..but hey….hopefully i will have my sh#t better than 2yrs ago and maybe i can be one of those guys running side by side with that ford!
    Then again i am having trouble finding where to hid my NOS bottle so no one can find it!!!

  10. Jansen06 says:

    I stopped out and looked at the track last weekend. It is starting to look a lot better. It still looks like the front straight wall coming out of turn 4 is still not sticking out of the ground very far, but it is better. I am looking forward to the first practice session in the spring. I just hope that mother nature cooperates better this next year and we can get more races in.

    Michael… that the only way that them GM cars can keep up with the Fords by putting it on the bottle?……that is so sad, funny, but sad! You do know that you do not need a “Good Wrench” when you drive a Ford. LOL

  11. flyby says:

    Have those white poles in 2 always been there? Or are they putting up a fence right there.

    If this track turns out to be faster on the bottom every week, I think if they put a wall along 1 and 2 and\or 3 and 4 it would make it interesting. All the dirt getting pushed up from the bottom would form a nice cushion along the wall. Definitely would make 2 nice grooves late in the night.

  12. just a fan says:

    I think it still looks like dirt minus a pot hole or 2 but hey what do I know. Well let me tell absolutley nothing but it sure is fun to pretend.

  13. boom says:

    thats the guardrail dude

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