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November 23, 2010 3 Comments

Joe Bliven and his handy-dandy camera have provided us with some more pictures of work being done at the track.

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  1. waiting for great racing says:

    Track is looking great, I can remember when I was flagman that we had a big step to go from the flag stand down to the track, Looks like Joe is getting the ground cut down at the wall. It looks like it still needs cut down a lot on the front straight away.
    Like I said keep up to good work. I know it will be appreciated by everyone that loves racing.

  2. onthebubble says:

    looks like the banking comming out of turn four is still higher than the front streach wall

  3. boom says:

    otb i thought same thing told paul to cut transition from corners to straight more still lot of work to do but props to paul for tryn to change for the better

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