The 12 Days of a Bullring Christmas … Ho! Ho! Ho!

November 24, 2010 5 Comments

For your holiday enjoyment, thanks to “Girl Mod Fan” and “Just A Fan” … All together now, uh one, uh two, uh one-two-three …

(sung to the tune of — duh! — “The 12 days of Christmas”)

On the 12th day of Christmas,
The Bullring gave to me
12 bumpers bumping
11 helmets tossin’
10 tires popping,
Nine motors revving,
Eight black flags a flyin’,
Seven fingers flashing,
Six beers a clanking,
Five mullets waving,
Four driveshafts dropping,
Three tires wheelin’,
Two cars a blazin’,
And a really large trophy!

— GMF and JAF

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  1. mad mable says:

    joe dirt for tract maintence chief. who is older stevie you or joe.

  2. seighinger says:


    By far, Joe is older. I’m just a pup.

  3. Rick Jr says:

    These girls just seem to have too much going on in their heads! Its good to see people love racing this much. The off season is hard on most of us, but seems like it may just be harder on them! Its actually exciting to see what they have to say, keeps things interesting and sometimes confusing! Keep it up “blond girls” see you in ’11

  4. GMF says:

    Hey Blog family!!! Gobble til you wobble!!!!!! =-D

  5. just a fan says:

    Hey Hey Hey pick me for maintnance I learned how to properly unscrew today without stripping it. You’re right our heads are very busy places to live this is the stuff that comes to me at work. Stevie next week I master the Jig-saw. Look forward to hear how the drivers meeting goes on Sunday keep us posted. Woohoo smothered steak and taters.

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