Track concession stand to feature lower prices in 2011

November 1, 2010 3 Comments

Track management says it will reduce the menu prices at the concession stand in 2011.

That was one of the chief complaint of fans this season, so there will be a drop in the prices charged  next summer. There will also be fewer items to choose from in an effort to streamline costs — and lower prices.

The list of menu offerings has not yet been finalized, but as soon as it has we’ll let you know. You can count on the track basics like hamburgers, cheesbrurgers, fries, etc., but some of the peripheral sandwiches and culinary amenities will likely be eliminated.

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  1. Les Harding says:

    Im thinking the owners may not have talked to enough people. Yes the lower food prices will help, but raising the pit pass cost on an already dwindeling car count is the wrong direction. I know they will counter that statement by”well we raised the purse”. They added a class, left the late model pay the same, raised the hobbys(thats good) and the mod purse was raised to benifit only the winner……….at 13th through the rest of the fields expense. Im sure that will bring in the mods (facepalm). Maybe they will only have 12 cars a week, and that extra fitty will come out of the owners pockets……..oh , my bad, they already raised the pit passes to cover that. Sorry…..just my 2cents……;)

    Les Harding

  2. The Mod payout is still the lowest payout of any UMP mod track in the AREA The pit passes at $25 is about what all other tracks are at now. But the mods payout is at lowest of them all for UMP Mods.

  3. quincyracingfan says:

    Pit passes are 20 in Donnellson

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